Sold The Car on Facebook without Having The Buyer Details. - Need Suggestions

Hi everyone.

I’m in a situation that I sold my car via Facebook on 30 September 2018 wasn't aware of having buyers information (name, address and licence no.).

After 1 day I realised I need his details for disposal and try to contact him though FB but he is not responding. Immediately I contacted NSW services, just found out buyer hasn't transferred the car yet to his name. Called Service NSW, they said they can't do anything without buyers information. Went to police they can't do anything.

Only information I have is his facebook profile name which is blocked my FB, sent few messages as well. He seen the messages but not given any reply to. I have the screenshots.

Please advise me how to overcome from this situation.

Thank you.


      • QLD FTW !!! You can drive shitboxes around that's about to fall apart.

        No yearly pink slips required.

        • No pink slips in SA

      • Most states (if not all except nsw) don't require pink slip or such, just pay rego and you're good to go

        • NT yearly inspection by mechanic if car is older than 10 years

      • Not in Victoria. A RWC to transfer it to your name and after that its your to drive until the Police put a canary on the windscreen

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    This is probably a troll post and you guys all bought it.

    "Hey guys I transferred $2m of iTunes cards to the ATO and still have a tax debt, what gives"

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    • You possibly just commented on a post that is probably a troll post… conceivably

      It's fun to point out all the probabilities and possibilities on the internet even if you have no idea what is possible or probable.

      I know I had a good day!

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    This has happened to me once - a dodgy buyer bought my car and was such a fast talker he managed to walk out the door without signing the rego transfer paperwork. He told me it was for his girlfriend and she would sign the rego transfer papers. It was super dumb of me to let this happen, but anyway…

    The consequence was that he had possession of my car, and a registration which which was still in my name. I'm pretty sure he used a fake name with me and I never even tried to make contact with him.

    To make things more complicated, my car didn't have a functional engine (I was very clear to him about this fact). Next day, my car re-appeared on gumtree and he was trying to sell it, saying 'the engine has some problem but I don't ask me what - I'm not a mechanic'. So he was trying to sell the car which had a dead engine as a car which simply had some minor mechanical issue, and he had paper work that would let him sell it in my name.

    I think that the reason he did is that if you aren't a registered dealer, you can only sell about 5 cars in a year. So by keeping cars he buys without transferring rego, he's able to buy banged up cars super cheaply of owners who just want to get rid of them, then re-sell for a profit to other suckers who might think the problems aren't that bad. (He payed me $2k and was trying to sell for $5k the next day…)

    In conclusion, you might have come across one of these type of people. In my case, I never heard about the car again so there really was no trouble. I just had accidentally been a part of a dodgy guys scheme to possibly rip somebody else off.

  • Surely this can't be serious

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      It is and OP asks not to be called Shirley.

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          Surely you can’t be serious

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    Stop filling the forums with nonsense.

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  • Maybe car dealers can use this post to justify why everyone should trade their cars for brand new Euro vehicles. No chance of being scammed and you get a nice new asset to put on other loan applications forms. Win win!

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      Giving the keys away willingly does not equate to being stolen.

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      technically OP still own the car so, call the police and report car stolen, get the car back, sell it again for profit.

      technically buyer still own the money so, call the police and report money stolen, get the money back, buy it again for profit?

      • well if the buyer paid cash, hard to proof that the money exchanged hands.

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    I've purchased a few cars where sellers have simply signed the rego transfer form (the seller section) and handed me the entire buyer/seller document to deal with and submit (including the seller section). I think this may be relatively common mistake for those not familiar with the process or worldy wise.

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  • LOL - as if you didnt see his name on his FB profile, your messages via Messenger should still be there. Or even ask his name when you met him. Try harder next time, troll.

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      More naive to believe everyone uses their real and full name on fb.

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  • Just report it as stolen

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  • This is for VIC:

    And, of course, WOW!


    If you don't have the buyer's details, you have to call NSW RMS… Prepare for: WOW!

  • Time to consider fleeing the country, gave it a good run!

  • OP has ghosted.

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