Frequent Traveler University - to Go or Not?

Hi guys,

Just received an email from pointhacks regarding Frequent Traveler University in November in Sydney.
Has anyone been to one before?
Is it worth it to someone (for $299) who has read most of pointhacks site?

Would love to attend an event like that, just not sure I would get my moneys worth (of inside information).

All feedback welcome.


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    Do you consider cars to be a high yield asset?


    Each to their own. University can be seen the same, but really it's each to their own.

    You may have a better credit score, allowing you to gain better deals on credit cards etc, whereas someone that says NAAAH DON'T DO IT, BUY A HIGH YEILD MERC INSTEAD may not have actually worked at Westpac.

    If you feel it's of value and you're passionate about the topic, than go for it.


    I reckon you can learn adequate knowledge just by reading their / other frequent flyer websites articles.

    I went from knowing nothing to enjoying a business class return to Europe on Singapore Airlines from just a year of collecting points.


      Thats exactly what i did too - first ever business class flights to europe on Singapore air.
      Thats why im not sure this event would give me my moneys worth.
      Although i would be very happy to pay the money if i knew i would get the access to new point/flight hacks.

      But seems like none of the ozbargainers have attended FTU before..

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