What Colour LED Lights?

What colour LED lights have you installed in your home/do you prefer? Cool, warm, neutral, or varies - e.g. warm in bedrooms, cold in kitchen, etc.

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    I'd personally prefer warm in sleeping areas, white/cool in living areas (because the higher blue-light content of white/cool LEDs are apparently bad for sleep), but my OCD'ness means I want the same lights everywhere so I went with white ones everywhere.

    And then have warmer floor/desk lamps for the sleeping areas so I can use those before bed.

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      My gym has ~6000K lights but one room is ~2000k. Always gives me a mild headache.

      My office has 5000K and 5500K. I can see the difference but not many others could. Much easier on the eyes.

      I wouldn't recommend more than 1000K difference between the warmest and coldest lighting in the house.


      Colour in the bedroom wouldn't matter as most people turn the lights off before sleeping.


        It's about the 30min-1hr before you sleep that the light affects you. Same as why f.lux and now Night Mode on all your devices now exist. I think the science isn't quite settled, but there's a bit of supporting evidence.

        Also in case - I got that that might also just have been a joke…………

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    Warm everywhere. Been looking at property for a while now, every time I see a sterile white kitchen in a sterile white house with sterile white tiles and sterile white lights, I shudder. I don't know how people live in that, first thing we're doing when we finally find the right place is removing every inch of white, apart from possibly the ceilings.

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      And replace it with?

      The cream, the bone, the white, the off-white, the ivory or the beige?


      I don't know how people live in that…

      All white makes it easier to make sure all the blood stains are clean. Surely everyone is worried about blood splatter.


    Buy one of these and see what you think https://www.bunnings.com.au/philips-scene-switch-9-5w-es-a-s...
    Bought early this year and rarely use the warm white and would be the easiest way to work out your own room preferences.

    Turn on light is cool white turn off 1 second turn back on light is warm white turn off turn on cool white.