Any Gimbal Recommendations under $150?

I am in the market for a gimbal that could work primarily with my gopro and maybe my phone potentially. Zhiyun Smooth q seems to be out of stock in most of the places and the ones in stock are very expensive.
I wanted to get the opinion of camera pros in ozbargain as to what they recommend for Gopro in that price range?



  • Smooth Q has been superseded AFAIK (hence the high price). There is some talk about a Smooth Q 2 but it is in development

    The Smooth 4 is the current model, but is not significantly cheaper than a DJI Osmo 2. They will both work well for stabalisation but DJI has superior software. No sales on at the moment AFAIK so the smooth 4 will set you back around $160-180 (depends on the seller) and the Osmo 2 for around $200

    If you want something just for a GoPro, then get an action cam gimbal (or buy the Hero 7 black). Action cam gimbals include Zhiyun Rider M and Feiyu WG2 (the WG2 is water resistant). The advantage of these is that you can much more easily mount them to something else compared to a gimbal with a handle. Otherwise you will probably want to fork out another $10 to get an action cam plate for a smartphone gimbal (the plate allows you to see the rear monitor. You can mount an action cam directly onto a phone gimbal if you don't mind not being able to see the screen e.g. if you are using your phone as a remote)

    Oh I should add, there is a more recent entrant into the market: hohem and they appear to be even cheaper than Zhiyun and Feiyu. Haven't really read up on them, but might be worth a look for you (just google reviews of the model that catches your fancy)

  • I use the Hohem iSteady Pro which is specifically for action cams like GoPro. Pretty decent for the price. I actually prefer this to using the GoPro adapter for DJI Osmo mobile which I also have.

    The cheapest price I can find on ebay is

    Online reviews

    There are some online youtube reviews as well.

  • Thanks for the suggestion guys. Getting a Hohem for myself today :)

  • does the hohem work with Sony Action Cams?