Comparing Two Solar Quotes

I've got a few quotes to get solar installed in my property, i've narrowed it down to two similar quotes
20 x 275W Astrenergy Panels - $4129 / $2064 after Vic Gov rebate
20 x 300W Jinko Panels - $4879 / $2654 after Vic Gov rebate
Both come with a 5kW Zeversolar inverter

So, for $600 more, should i go for the additional 500W, and a more reputable brand, or should i stick with the cheap quote? Is there a way to work out a dollar value of having the additional capacity?


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    "Both come with a 5kW Zeversolar inverter"

    yeah, nah

    have you tried

    • yeah, solarquotes were crap, only got one quote out of them.

      Zeversolar seems fine to me. Is it a reasonable inverter for the price?

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        The inverter is always the weak link.
        I've done some reading on recommended inverters. Fornius is the ozbargain (and several other solar forums) gold standard. There are a few other okayish names too but zeversolar is not on the radar.

        I'd stay away from random inverters.

        • So how much more expensive is a fronius?

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    What the Brand of the Inverter?? Also who Installing?

    You want to got TOP BRAND for the inverter - Fronius

    It the device that convert DC Solar output to AC that feed into the house or grid

    Also who the installer, you want a blue chip company that will be around if things go wrong

  • For a start the extra 500w makes no difference over 12 months. Also if the panels reach their capacity output( 6kw) the 5kw inverter might be struggling to handle it for a extended period.A poor quality inverter can be cooked or just shut down with this input. Read as many inverter reviews as you can and if you want to keep the same installer ask for a price on the upgraded inverter. Maybe even knock on neighbors doors who have solar and ask them about their experiences. As regards to installers, do as others have said, go for a long lasting company. Good luck, buying solar can be stressful the first time. (I've done it twice successfully)

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    Jinko mono and Fronius is the way to go.

    • rough idea on how much one would pay for a 6kw system in this combo?

      • No more than $5500 plus Vic rebate if you qualify. PM if you need more info

        • thanks
          im in NSW, so i would assume a similar figure less NSW rebate?

      • I was quoted $6300 for this system from a very reputable company in country Vic

  • Would go the Jinko setup for sure out of those two quotes. Have you read
    I've never heard of Astrenergy panels before and I would be cautions of a company who would install gear that cheap.
    From a few quotes I got an upgrade to the Fronius inverter would be $500 more from a Zeversolar.
    This guy has some really great solar information and you can have a read on Fronius here

    One thing, if these are the Jinko 300W JKM300M PERC panels then there is an industry wide shortage at the moment, they are talking months before they will be back in stock and may not be at the same price point upon restocking.

  • So, based on what I've read elsewhere Zeversolar is an okay inverter, and i haven't heard any compelling arguments as to why fronious is worth twice the price.

    Same goes for the panels, but i'm more wary of using their 'astrenergy' no name panels. So i'm undecided on the panels.

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      Well the Fronius has 5 extra years parts warranty, but you can purchase extended warranty on the Zeversolar too. With the panels I would recommend choosing a panel manufacturer that has an Australian office, because so many solar installers come and go at least if there is a problem with the panels you can make a warranty claim through the Australian office but if you use panels with no Australian office and the solar installer goes bust then you have no one who has to honor your warranty claim.

      • thanks :)

        what's the failure rate like on panels?

  • Hey buddy,

    Which one did you end up going with? How was the installation process?

    Keen to know your experience as I'm looking to install solar as well.

    • Ended up going with the cheaper option. still waiting on the install, but it ended up being 24 of the Astrenergy panels

      I'll contemplate upgrading the zeversolar warranty, i can do that once they've installed it.

      • Great…I hope it goes well for you…I've just ordered an almost identical system to you just with Trina panels…just waiting on an install date…they threw in free 10 year warranty on the inverter.

        I asked them about Fronus and they said it was $1k more…it was still a string inverter so will still produce the same amount…only came with 5 years labour and 10 years parts (compared to zaver's 10 years parts and labour) and in their experience they found the SMA made Zeverlution more reliable then the Fronus so made my decision easy.

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