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Thorfire S70S 3960 Lumens Searchlight $59.89 Delivered @ ThorFire Amazon AU


Hello fellow Ozbargainers,

I recently got in touch with Thorfire after seeing their new product line on Amazon AU. They have a new type of flashlight which appears to be a thrower flashlight equivalent of the Q8 going for 25% off starting tomorrow. I haven't purchased one yet for myself but will be tomorrow when this deal starts. I personally own a BLF Q8 and a C8S, and boy those two lights do an amazing job especially if you're camping or hiking. I took my torches to a prawning trip recently, and they performed spontaneously, my only wish was for the Q8 to have slightly longer range, which I believe the S70S will have. If you're after a high powered thrower, definitely have a look at this torch.

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  • Any mention of starting time?

  • Man this a huge torch.

    Any way what you guys need this kind of torch for if you not camping or hiking?

  • Thanks for the post OP, looking forward to buy one, any suggestions on a decent battery and charger.



      This charger is quite popular within the OzB community it seems, I bought one back in August, but it's still due to arrive.

      I'm not sure where the best place to buy batteries are, maybe someone else can help me out. I'm looking to buy some 26650s for this torch. It is compatible with 18650s also though so maybe if you want to save on some money, look around for some old laptop batteries and salvage the cells inside ;) They're generally made of about 6 18650s of decent quality.

      • The sleeve that comes with it for the 18650's is pretty meh. I'd grab 26650's for it. Great light by the way. I've had mine for a couple of years. Not the most versatile by any means, but seems to maintain brightness without overheating (due to the size).

    • I bought these but currently out of stock. Next best

  • "ThorFire", sounds like the marketing guy had a lisp and wanted to call it "SureFire".

  • Lemme guess… cool white only?

  • Great torch. I take it every night walking the dog. It is big but not too heavy. Comes with a shoulder strap but I haven't used it. Puts out a lot of light, eg local footy oval and park. 26650's will give you longer runtime. I recharge approx once/week and have cheap set of spares (not 60A!:)) I have the Q8 as well and this definitely throws further.

    • Thanks for the pictures :) Very keen on using one of these alongside my Q8. I really felt like I lacked range when I was in a very open area with my Q8. Not saying the Q8 is bad at all. Each to their own benefits

      • For sure. When I first got the C8s I was very impressed. Then got TG06 and VG15S which have their own positive attributes but not mind blowing in comparison. Then the Q8 was delivered and I was blown away. The S70S isn't as big a step up as C8s to Q8 but it's a lot of light and manages the heat better on high and turbo than the Q8. Too bad daylight saving is coming.Damn this lumen obsession :)

  • Seems the promo code is working now that it is past 12am

  • Bought. I honestly don't know why.

    Where do you get your batteries from? And which 26650's are tried and tested? How do you charge them?

    • You can charge them using one of these

      You can probably get some decent batteries off eBay. I'm still currently looking at some reviews to see which ones work best. But damn those batteries are expensive!

      Also, can anyone who's owned one of these let me know if these are able to run flat top batteries?

      • Thanks. Is it much worse than the nitecore d4?

        Happy to spend $35 for the nitecore if more robust as I'm too poor to buy cheap.

        • I haven’t got mine yet, can’t compare sorry!
          I would assume they all work the same, just a little extra features here and there. And ofc the Australian warranty if you’re buying a more robust and branded one if buying locally

    • Same here, Just bought the flashlight, now need to find a charger and battery.

  • Seriously unsure whether or not to go for one of these or a Q8 next time they go cheap, not quite sure of the pros and cons or if there's a clear winner.
    Can anyone… shed some light on the issue?

    • If you're after a thrower/long range light, this one may be the better option.
      The Q8 still provides just as much light at long range as compared to a smaller thrower such as the C8S. If you're looking for a torch that is portable and can fit in your pocket, then the Q8 is probably a much better choice than the S70S.

      I have just ordered my S70S so I cannot compare which one is better yet, but having used the Q8 for the past 2 months. It never fails to impress when I put it on turbo mode.

      • I am not sure what clothes you wear but I have never managed to get the Q8 in a pocket. The Q8's main failing is its lack of lanyard hole. Great torch otherwise. Thinking of getting this as well.

    • I'm holding out for the q8 which I repeatedly miss. Short/medium flood in my view is more practical than long throw in a typical urban environment.

      • Ya, the Q8 is quite versatile in that case. I would say both torches will be more than enough for an urban environment. I almost never use the torch on turbo mode as the last time I did just using it outside my house, my neighbors ended up calling me 2am at night because I accidentally shone it into their bathroom, and they thought there was a robbery on my house HAHA

  • I've always found the torch review world a bit strange since torch manufacturers started sending free torches to any CPF or BLF member that did a half decent review.

    Surely it must affect their objectivity, it's effectively a sponsored review if they accept goods in exchange for labour (a forum post or YouTube video in this case).

    P.S. I hoped CPF would have crashed and burned by now but looks like they still have people actually participating in that forum.

    • I like to see as many different forum and youtube reviews as possible before I buy, especially for $40+ lights. I'm only new to the game but I haven't come across any dodgy reviews, 'sponsored' or not for the 30odd torches I've purchased from Astrolux A01 to Imalent RT70 that have made me regret my purchase. The only light I purchased without reviews and regret is the 2nd I purchased and usually don't talk about :) I ordered two torches at the same time, ThorFire C8s started me down the path to become a lumen lover, the other was UltraFire Cree T6 Only got myself to blame….

  • Mine had arrived. I might accidentally blind some possums tonight.

  • Comparing this torch to the Q8, if you're just going out to a park or something, the Q8 is a nicer choice in my opinion as the floodiness gives a greater beam angle allowing you to see more. Unless you're looking for something that is more than 300m away, you won't notice too much difference in brightness of the two torches as the extra lumens from the Q8 almost puts it at just as bright as the S70S.

  • finally got mine going with some 5200mAh 26650's and an SV2 charger.

    Its bloody bright, but I think I'm going to agree with HelloWorld1225's comment above mine, if you don't need the distance then a "floodier" light would probably be better.