Letter from Booking.com - Legitimate??

Hey all,

Received a letter from booking.com the other day - first time I have ever been contacted by them through the post.

It is an offer for $70 to be charged back to my CC after any booking if I book using the link stated in the letter.

It looks legitimate but thought I'd play it safe!!

Thanks :)

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    If they're asking for the CVV/CVC code to refund money then it's got to be legit
    can you post the linky

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    Was it personally addressed ?

    Have you called Booking.com?


      Yes personally addressed

      No haven't contacted them, good idea!

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    If it’s the one I received a few months back - like a hard copy voucher - I similarly checked the URL it listed and found it was legit. Eventually made a booking as normal (but via the link) then received an email saying my credit would come in 7 days to the card I booked with. Which it did. And no issues on that card since


      Yea my gut feeling is that it is legitimate! thanks!

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      Crazy Diamond i see your still sending out those letters ;-)