Switching Mobile Carriers without Paying for Recharge

Hey, I haven't switched mobile networks for over 2 years and this is the first time I'm changing to save money ($60 over 6 months).

Recently a deal was posted here for lyca mobile 6(28days) x 20$ plan S groupon ~ I'm on the same prepaid plan which is well suited for me although I pay 30$ auto top up every 28 days.

In order to take advantage of this deal I have to be new customer, hence the carrier swap. With this comes the trouble I ordered free sim from optus didn't arrive for 4 days so bought one for 2$ along with 2$ lyca sim.

I was activating online for optus and found it frustrating as they ask me to recharge with prepaid plans, same for amaysim (confirmed via chat), ordered free sim from telstra which I hope will be delivered by Tue, but I think they do same as others. I get it telco needs to make some money but I'm taking a $10 + 2$ loss and all this stuff, still coming in ahead though.

Also I need to activate before end of Oct

So does anyone one to know if any network allows without paying a fee to swap.

TL DR - want to change network w/o paying any fee for top-up activation

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    No, suck up and pay $10 - handover ozb membership
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    Yes can do it
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    Don't care, bought popcorn to read comments


  • You already paid $4. $5 would have bought an AldiMobile sim, with $5 credit (no recharge necessary). I believe you can activate a $2 Telstra sim without a recharge.

    • Technical wasted 2$ so far, as I need lyca anyway to activate plan.

      I'll visit telstra store and get an free sim if not will buy aldi, thanks mate

  • Order Telstra $2 sim next day delivery, activate without recharge, port to wherever you want.

  • bought Telstra sim from coles and activated, with out recharge ones activated need to move carrier.

  • I've done this before multiple times with Optus and Vodafone.

    When activating and they want you to recharge, use a debit card with no funds available.

    I use my Qantas prepaid card for this.

    It will error then let you proceed without having to purchase anything.

    • Thanks mate, will do that nxt tym

    • Are they actually denying activation without supplying a payment method?

      • Optus and Vodafone give you some sort of error message, I think Optus mentions "This card can't be used" then lets you proceed with the activation.

        I've only used my prepaid Qantas Mastercard, though every time it has worked.