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Hi All,
Looking for 8 seat car for rental from Sydney during x'mas (6 days). Planning a trip to Melbourne with the family. Any discount code or suggestions?? Tried few rental's very expensive.




    See this post

    No birds car rental


    Read the fine print. Do you really want to hire a car? If you have an accident excess could be up to 2k. Extra tyre insurance a joke. If you blow your tyre you wont be covered if you use Eurocar.


      It cost a fortune once you add up Zero Excess.

      Don't have other option, unless take 2 cars to accommodate 8 people.


        if paying by credit card then check if your CC has a zero car rental excess coverage.


    FYI some places won't rent to you if you tell them you are going interstate. They are not covered by insurance.

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    Looking for 8 seat car for rental from Sydney during x'mas (6 days). Planning a trip to Melbourne with the family.

    it's very expensive.

    No S*** it's expensive. It's the busiest time of the year and they can charge 2x the price and people will pay. There won't be many deals. Also why on earth would you want to drive? First of all, you'll hit the excess km which means it'll get even more expensive, second of all some hire car companies are funny about you crossing borders.

    Why wouldn't you fly?


      Yep, thought driving is cheaper. And if I fly..I still need to hire a car I Melbourne. But I should look @ the flight options as well.


        Why do you need a car exactly?

        What are your plans in Melbourne/Vic?


          Mainly for Great ocean drive &
          Phillip island.


            @kcool_00: I would highly suggest flying to Melbourne and doing day rentals/or maybe overnight

            I think that will be cheaper. You don’t need a car for looking around the cbd. It will just be sitting in your hotel car park which you will have to pay for.

            You need to do the maths and work out what’s the best way.

            You say you want to rent a car for 6 days. At least 2 days of those are going to be driving from Melbourne to Sydney. Assuming multiple people can drive and you want to smash the drive out in a day. Most people stop because the Hume is boring as hell and puts you to sleep. Not to mention 9 hours in a box with your extended family.

            That only leaves 4 days to see Melbourne which in my view isn’t enough. 1 of which you are doing the great ocean road and one doing Phillip island.

            Phillip Island you need to stay overnight which means you don’t have much time to do anything in the CBD or another day trip to Healesville say.

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