Telstra Network Options - 4G Suggestions Please

I'm looking to swap out from Kogan as finding data speed on the Voda network is very slow. Max I have seen is about 18MBs across different locations in NSW

I believe i get about 17Gb per month with kogan and probably use 10-12Gb on average per month of that allowance.

Any suggestions for a provider where I can get better data speeds? Happy to pay a more than Kogan prices

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    Are you certain it's the Voda network? I get 100MBs on Kogan in Brisbane which is much faster than people on Optus and Telstra were getting in the same location using the same speed test. I'm sure it can vary depending on location but best to rule out something like your phone settings before paying more.

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      They've also done network restart and resent correct settings for my phone and same issue. I've also tried sim and different phone and asked friends also on kogan to do speed test same time as me with same results


    Telechoice are a great choice, if you're looking for something on the Telstra network. The plans are very decent value imo. I've just switched from Telstra to Telechoice, so can post some speeds once my sim arrives.

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    Belong, but might cost more than you want/be too much work …

    $10/month for 1gb, then buy half price $40 sims for $20 that give you 15GB, activate them and gift over the data, cancel and revoke the PayPal authorisation. Banked data lasts forever (so you could do multiple sims at a time, once or twice a year). If you run out of data you can still access the net but speed restricted.

    I find the speed excellent, better than when I was with optus.

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    Maybe try a prepaid telstra sim for a month first to make sure it solves your problem - you may find the optus network works well in the areas you live/work but not telstra
    Also remember that telstra resellers will be using the telstra wholesale network, which may have different coverage/speeds to the actual telstra network

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