expired $150 off Purchases over $1000 (E.g. 3-Seater Couch for $1,145) @ Companion Couch


Valid for all purchases over $1000 :)

Try a Companion Couch ™ out for 120 days in your own home. If you don't love it, we'll refund every cent.

It comes in convenient boxes that fit through little doors

It's stain-repellant and ready for pets

It's modular, so it can grow with you

It's oh, so comfortable!

We've got 4.9 stars on ProductReview.com.au

We give you 120 days to decide

Same-day delivery Sydney, next-day Australia-wide :)

We sponsor a rescue animal with every purchase

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Companion Couch
Companion Couch

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    Bargains have price.

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    Any bargains?


    There isnt anywhere in Melb that you can actually try these out right? Always dubious on these long trial periods (like mattress in a box companies..)
    edit - also, no ottoman option or corner couch?


      Hi CJB,

      There isn't just yet - we're Sydney based. We do have a number of customers from Melbourne already however.

      We really do make the process of returning super easy though - just let us know and we'll send a courier.

      We don't make it difficult like other companies may (assuming you won't be bothered to return it), we're just so confident you'll love it based on our reviews thus far.

      Let me know if you have any other more specific questions!




    OP can your generosity be abused
    eg I pick up a tan two seater, and 119 days later return it as I am not happy
    then I buy a black two seater, and 119 days later return it as I am not happy
    then I buy a tan three seater and on and on?

    Do you charge courier postage for returns?
    Do you have anything in leather

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      Hi Docians,

      No wishin' for more wishes!


      We'll make you pay for the second delivery. We've put a lot of effort into our product - and double delivery makes it difficult to continue selling it (delivery is expensive)

      We're assuming OzBargainers are honest bargain-hunters and appreciate the spirit of the offer

      We don't charge courier fees for the first return.

      Nothing in leather we're sorry!

      Let me know if you need to chat about anything else!




    not meaning to be picky but……as the 3 seater is the only $1000+ option so "$150 off The Entire Companion Couch Range (Valid for Purchases over $1000)" seems a little misleading


      Hi Rakeem!

      That's a good point!

      We do have other add-ons though and quite a few of our customers like to put together lounge sets as our couches are modular.

      But it definitely could be easier to understand. We will make it clearer if we do another OzBargain - thanks for letting us know!

      We're out of the time frame that OzBargain allows for name editing unfortunately - but will fix next time.




    Hey I reckon this is probably a better looking and flat better deal


    You get a ottoman as well.

    1300 delivered using GROUPONLOUNGE saves you $250 bucks

    Personally I reckon it looks heap better as well, I'm sure OP can point out the key differences but if I was going modular couch shopping, which I'm not, I'd want to know the market tho.


      Hey FuzzyDuck,

      Koala's sofa is a Fantastic Furniture design for starters, we also have a few other things like a USB charger, stain resistance and modularity - theirs has a big portion of foam (which can disintegrate after a few years without an extra structure to hold it together). Ours have 90 individual pocket springs and three layers of foam. Real feathers in the pillows too!

      Let me know if you have any other questions, happy to help :)



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        Well laid out argument. Wish this option had an ottoman though…


          No Ottoman as yet! But we'll have a few new modules coming out closer to Christmas ;) that allow you to customise the 'shape' of your couch.

          All current customers will get discounts for these new add-ons :)


    any formaldehide involved ? also wish for an ottoman

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      Hi Juki,

      Thanks for the question - it's a complex one - so let me get a bit scienc-y on you :) - and thanks for the opportunity - this information is now going to the website :)

      Formaldehyde is a clear gas that occurs naturally in for instance wood, apples and in tomatoes. It can also be added in industrial processes such as hardener for glue. High emission levels, concentrate of formaldehyde, can imply irritation and in exceptional cases, health hazard - but not at the levels you'll see in furniture (particularly OUR furniture!).

      Our products are compliant with the Australian safety standards regarding this - the current national occupational exposure standard for formaldehyde is 1 ppm 8-hour time weighted average (TWA) and 2 ppm short-term exposure limit. We comply with a harsher international standard that dictates these levels be kept under 1 ppm.

      So basically what that means is - the workers spending all day making this furniture are not at risk - so the people that enjoy the furniture after the wood has been put together are many measures of magnitude less at risk.

      No Companion products have unsafe levels of chemicals for you or your family - you can be rest assured of that!

      If you have any other questions, please do get in touch!

      Thanks for the question Juki,



    What happens to returned couches? I'm assuming they're sold to the next customer.


      We haven't figured that out yet - it'll depend on the quality!

      If you'd believe it - we actually haven't had a single person return theirs :)

      But rest assured that we would never sell a Companion that's any other condition than perfect - our whole business depends on good online reviews :)




    the code ONLYONOZBARGAIN still appears to work.

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