What Are The Other Options than Going to Acer Xb271hu

about to pull the trigger, but lets see how would you persuade me not going to this model, some criteria,

  1. not much desktop space, so prefer 27''.
  2. need good colour reproduction, so IPS.
  3. 1440p is a nicer spot than 4k as I don't want to go with a bigger size.
  4. I want 120hz and g-sync as I'm using 970, and will likely stick with Nvidia for an upgrade.
  5. budget can stretch a little but not willing to go north of 1.5k.
  6. currently with a dual monitor setup (two cheap 1080p, will keep one).

things I've learnt and thought,
1. BLB/glow, I'm not very picky and this will be a massive upgrade from my current monitors whatsoever.
2. is panel lottery still going on with this panel for dead pixels?
3. came across a few places claiming this model has some sharpness issue while going 120hz, this is a big concern.
4. don't care about user interface or little trivial quirks.
5. I will do some basic colour calibration but don't have a colour meter, would like to have an out-of-box experience.
6. some places claim Acer has a slightly newer panel (based on the panel version number, I assume this to be true)

there are some utra wild curvy monitors I'm not personally against but yet to see some real benefits for piratical use, my main hesitation is will there be a new panel around the corner or this is the last 1440 ips panel while the mainstream is moving onto 4k, or some other panel manufacturers other than AUO will release 1440p 120hz ips panels?



    I've got the Asus PG279Q which is the same panel, got lucky with the panel lottery and there is virtually no detectable backlight bleed. It really is the sweet spot for monitors, I can't recommend it highly enough.

    Unless you're planning on holding off for a couple of years while 4k/144hz(and the hardware to drive it) becomes more accessible and they fix the shit-show that is HDR(wouldn't hold your breath) then this is as good as it gets. Pull the trigger.