Tradie Hit Parked Car - What Can Be Done?

Hi guys,

Here's the scenario.

Came home to see housemate's street-parked car with a busted rear tail light (Red light plastic on the road) and a dent into the boot. Someone must have reversed into the car then left. No note left behind. Have Comprehensive insurance.

Apartment complex has security footage that reveals it was a tradie who reversed too fast unfortunately the angle does not show all the way to the parked car so it is speculation. Basically you see the ute turn in, reverse out fast and sharply then coming to a jerky stop, then driving off to find parking on the other side of the street. Cam footage is not clear enough to see the plate but it gets a good idea of the ute's design and what was in the rear tray.

Tradie must not have known because he tried parking along the street elsewhere in the footage. I found his ute down the street and can see very minor signs of damage on his rear. It is not immediately obvious as it's a metal tray but the height and angle match up to the damage on the parked car. Left a note with my contact details. The ute does have some company emblem and contact details. The company has 2 Google reviews.

Someone living in the area has also left a note saying they saw what happened - To be followed up

What can we do?


Picture of damage to car for reference
Picture of ute corner that hit
Picture of street angle to go with video
Picture of driveway from outside angle
Video of the hit Occurs after he reverses out of the apartment driveway.

Person who left us the note and witnessed it has confirmed it's the ute and also tracked them down the road where they parked.


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    Call non-emergency police on 131 444 and advise them of the hit and run. Request any CCTV in area to identify plate. Create a case and share the ID number with insurance.

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      But it's a tradie.

      (I'm not sure why that was so important it had to be included in the title and body)

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    MS Paint depiction please

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    Tradie must not have known because he tried parking along the street elsewhere

    If you drive your vehicle into a parked vehicle hard enough to shatter a taillight and cause noticeable damage on your own vehicle, you know you hit something. He's just not the sharpest tool in the shed if he parked further down the street.

    Approach him and explain you have CCTV footage of the incident that you will be forwarding to police as a "hit&run" if he doesn't pay for the damages.

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    IANAL, however this is what I would do:

    Get the person who saw it to write a statement and put a note in their diary (smartphone calendar, fridge calendar, whatever). On the statement, ask them to describe the exact time, location, where they were, what they saw the ute do before and after the collision, how they know it impacted… etc. Try to be sure it is expressed clear.

    Photograph the back of the ute, a rear-side angle
    Photograph the damage on your car, from the opposite side rear side-angle and the same distance/magnification
    When shooting, be careful as the idea is to ensure both pictures, side by side so the tray can be seen directly beside the damage caused.

    Approach the tradie and explain what happened, ask him to discuss with you how he will make good. If he resists explain you will not let it rest and will goto the police to ensure reparation is made with letters of demand and so on. If he makes you do this, it might be best to pay to have the repair done properly and follow up the tradie for the money, or involve your insurance if you cannot. If the damage is not too expensive, it will be much easier if the tradie comes to an agreement with you, avoids involving insurance, police, and neg driving fines, et al.

    Whatever you do, don't let the tradie take your car to repair it at the cheapest place he can find on the way to the nearest racetrack.

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      Whatever you do, don't let the tradie take your car to repair it at the cheapest place he can find on the way to the nearest racetrack.


      Happened to me on my street parked car at home, got rear ended by a reversing 4WD, driver pop out & look at the damage then run aways. Got him on my dash cam (thank god). Reported to the cop, few days later he came & knock the door & ask if we can settle it out of insurance. And he offered a panel beater repairer down the road nearby. Shonky AF, no way Jose. I don't want more problem for some shitty works from his panel beater friend.

      Edit: I would not approach the tradie, in OP's case.


        Indeed. And would be funny, if it was not that insurance companies are the cause of so many poor repairs.

        Seriously, any Joe Blow (picking a panel shop at random) would probably organise a higher quality repair than most insurance companies can manage.

        But if your own will give you a quality repair, I'd use it over fighting with the other party's, any day.


    Call the person who left a note


    Good on you for making initial enquires, but really it’s now up to your house mate to take further action as the car owner.


    report a hit and run

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    Let your insurer deal with it. Give them the details of the ute and the details of the witness. You shouldn't have to pay the excess in these circumstances.

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    Have Comprehensive insurance.

    Report to police, file with insurance, follow their instructions.


    Someone living in the area has also left a note saying they saw what happened - Haven't followed up with them yet.

    That's the first step. Follow up with them and hope they got the tradie's details.

    Assuming they did, call the police who should be able to assist with contacting the tradie. [Your housemate should take over from here] What should happen is the constable should ring the tradie, ask them to confirm what happened ('is it possible you clipped a car while reversing?') get the person's name, address and phone number then your housemate can make a claim with their insurance

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    I don't think he hit it. As you can see he was way off the curb and the impact that shows would have been reversed if his drivers side tail light hit running from left to right.
    If the passenger side made impact the tow ball would have hit as well.
    You have impact that runs from right to left and his tail light runs vertically flush with the bar so I can't see any consistency and I doubt the police would either.

    Could be the Bog Jogger back with a vengeance on people parking to close to the drive who knows

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    • report to police
    • report to insurer, let them deal with it



    The abrupt rear stopping could just be momentum of car stopping. Id just pass on details to insurance. Check with neighbour if they actually saw it. Rego and car details of other car to insurer and police report.

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    If you have number plate details now, well report to police.
    Surely when police go round, see car with marks and paint the colour of your car matching the damage etc, they will realise they have some evidence there.
    Also, maybe the driver didn't realise he/she hit you, and once they realise, they will just do the right thing :) Not everyone is dishonest. Most people are somewhat decent people. And for such small amount of damage, I doubt they are going to lie to police about it when confronted and questioned.

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    The tradie has committed the offence of fail to stop and provide particulars.

    Report to both police and insurance. Provide tradie rego, witness details and copy of photos + CCTV on USB/CD. He'll get ticket, you get repairs. Sorted.

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