Help Me Choose a Bicycle


I’m very much a noob and overwhelmed when looking at finding a bicycle. I would love some recommendations

  • family of wife and I and my little 2 year old so need 2 bikes
  • must fit a child bike seat
  • spend up to $150 each (new or second hand if it means it will last longer)
  • only traveling relatively short distances, weekend trip to the park, around the area

Thank you heaps


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    I find the more expensive bike, just makes it easier to ride. If your fit enough, and don't mind having to push a bit harder, then cheap bike should be fine.
    For safety, be very careful, check that bike is assembled correctly. I have heard that often parts of bike are put on back to front etc, it was a proper bike shop that sells servicing and very expensive bikes that emphasized this to me, but sounded about right, and have read about it online.
    If you get a kmart bike, who knows who has set it up and put it together. So I guess just check everything is tightened up properly and nothing is on the wrong way .

    Im sure someone with more bike servicing skills than myself can explain more what to do and check to make sure its together right ?

    If you have an Anaconda store somewhere around you, I have seen some half price sales on bikes there that look very good. They are starting bike servicing there also when I talked to staff there a while back, so I would expect they are properly assembled by someone who knows what they're doing.

    For cheapest, I think repco do bikes for $50 on sale.

    For second hand, you can use google to search values on bikes, to see if it is a good deal on gumtree etc. For $100 I picked up a 'commuter' hybrid bike (half mountain bike, half road bike kind of) that was worth like $800 new, and had been ridden once, just sitting in garage and wanted to get rid of it.


      Thanks, any brands/models you recommend?


        I think anaconda have their 'own brand' not called anaconda brand, but made by anaconda on contract I think. Not quite sure though. If you ask them in store or give them a call, they might be able to give you an idea how often they go on half price sale.
        Was such a great deal for decent bike, I almost couldn't resist and almost bought 1 even tho didnt need it lol.


          I think the anaconda bikes are ‘fluid’ branded. Be careful with anaconda. Their RRP is optimistic at best and a rip off at worst. The RRP is inflated to a point where a bike shop branded bike would be better value.. At their usual sale prices thy aren’t bad value for money though. They hope you will see a big difference between the RRP and ale price and think you have a fantastic bargain.

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    as stupid sexy Flanders says

    commuter hybrid. or mountain bike (not an "extreme" mountain bike- just a basic model")

    you want something with more of an upright sitting position for yourself.

    grab the kids seat second hand from facebook marketplace or gumtree or ebay or garage sale.( i scored 2 for $20 each at a garage sale when my kids were small enough for them)

    nearly all bikes have the mounting points for kids seats

    AND - go for second hand . It is amazing what you can pick up for cheap. a few years ago I wanted to buy a road bike. I won an auction on ebay for a barely used road bike 3 years old -had been near $1000 brand new. the bike has Shimano 105 groupset, etc. scored it for $134. The number of people who buy bikes because "this year I will get in to shape" and just don't do it., and then the bike sits there. and eventually they just say "stuff it" and sell their regretful decision for peanuts.


      Thanks heaps, any brands or models i should be aiming for?


        Any of the major bike brands, not what you find at Kmart. So giant, specialised, Merida, Trek, Scott, Avanti to name a few. Avoid jhuffy, cyclops, southern star, diamond back (unless it is quite old).


    Definitely second hand if you can find one in your price range. Many people spend good $$$ and never ride them or barely use them. Cheap bikes from k-mart etc often are very heavy and brakes are hopeless after a couple of rides. Try Giant, Merida, Cell bikes.

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    This may sound silly, but if you have a council hard rubbish collection day coming up. Usually heaps of bikes out there. They may just need a bit of clean up and a new tube. If you don't mind tinkering, grab a few and swap parts over.

    Just be careful not to go overboard or you just end up with a garage full of junk unitl the next hard rubbish collection.

    Otherwise second hand on eBay/gumtree I scored a 2 year old bike worth about 2,300 for 900. In pretty much brand new condition. The best thing is the seller was happy to get something for it and I was happy for the bargain. Win-win all round


    Another vote for second hand. You can get great value off gumtree etc.

    The only time you should buy from Kmart etc. is if you can fully rebuild a bike yourself and it doesn’t come with suspension of any sort.

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