UPS System for My Swann Camera Setup


My Swann package arrived from the deal a few weeks back and I have installed the HD and am ready to go.

I was thinking of a UPS for it, I have been looking at the Eaton 3S700AU

As I have 4 cameras and a DVR is should use 112w according to a online calculation.

The only issue I have is a am around 2.5m from a power outlet. Are extension leads on to use with a UPS?

Is this UPS the way to go?




    It's not recommended but my UPS is currently plugged in power extension bar and there haven't been any issues for over 4 years.


      Why would it be not recommended?


        Not sure why. But my UPS said not to use it. Online searches say that there is a higher chance of your items being damaged due to loads or whatever.


          I think I read something a while ago about some UPSs not playing nicely with surge protectors. And a lot of power strips have surge protectors built in. Maybe that's why?

          I plugged my UPS into a Xiaomi Zigbee wall socket and it chucked a wobbly, got a transformer error and the transformer started getting quite hot. Took the Xiaomi out and it worked fine, was weird.


    No problems with running a 2.5m power cable to a UPS.

    That one is a very small UPS, and will only provide you with a few minutes battery time. Plenty to shut down the DVR


    Great thanks for the info. Cheers


    If you want the security system to work - ie, get info via your phone while you're away and remote access to your cameras etc, I'd recommend connecting everything you need to get that data to your phone. That is nbn stuff, swan router box etc. The average burglar would just turn the power off to your house before doing anything else. All that high tech surveillance and no warning to you.


    I agree. I think I will but another one so my modem router etc is on one and the cameras on another.

    Just trying to figure out if I can just plug and play or I need to do something with the Swann software


    Would something like this be a good option for the swann system?!questions

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