Recommended Migration Agent with Experience in Residence Requirement Variations for Citizenship

Looking for a recommendation on migration agents

  • Going from PR to Citizenship
  • Have exceeded thresholds for time in Australia (>90 days in last 12 months, >365 days in last 5 years)
  • In an interdependent relationship with an Australian citizen, with Australian ties throughout

Know I could apply for citizenship myself … but would look for expert guidance to navigate this issue

Any recommendations?



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    Know I could apply for citizenship myself

    If you're looking for expert advice/guidance you might as well get them to do it for you. A professional you're not friends with won't give you that advice for free.

    It's not like you'll ever have to apply twice and it's not something you want to screw up.


    Pass a citizenship test? Brush up on Australia History

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    That's literally all you have to do. Agents do not make it any easier.


    It's an easy process.. but takes a long time. I'm having my ceremony this month. It's being six years of waiting and waiting.

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      once I became PR then met the time requirement and then I applied months later and paying the fee, it took less then a year to get an appointment for the test, then just a few months of waiting for ceremony after results. All in all no more then 18 months after I became PR!

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    Become friends with Peter Dutton.

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    Going from PR to citizen is easy and not worth paying anyone to fill out some forms for you.

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    It's not hard applying yourself. I can do it for you for 2k if you want. Easiest money ever

    Being sarcastic btw, not intending to do it for you. Oops

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    Give Peter Dutton a call.

    Parliament House Ministerial Office
    Minister for Home Affairs
    PO BOX 6022
    Parliament House

    Phone Number: (02) 6277 7860
    Correspondence – email: 
    Invitations/meeting requests – email:

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      For Petter Dutton, press 1.

      If you are asking for immigration favour, press 2.

      If you are seeking some advise on Au Pair, please hang up now.

      Keypad 1 is pressed

      We are sorry currently no one and especially Peter can respond to you right now, as our office was raided early this week, so leave your message after this beep.

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    DIY, its very easy.
    Supply whatever documentation they asked, 100% complete, to prevent delays and further question marks.

    And also, you need an ID declaration, eg: from your doctor. Min 12 months.

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    I can recommend Sarah @ Allen Migration -


    Did i read that correctly.
    You have stayed here illegally for longer than allowed?


      Think you may have misread what the OP said.. I believe he meant he meets the time requirements for Citizenship now.


    I disagree that agents aren't worth the money. Agents know the people who are making the decisions. They know what forms need doing and how to maneuver smoothly through the system. I believe that when the agent is well-known by immi, they develop a sense of confidence that the agent is reputable. I felt that my agent was well worth her weight in gold. I can't speak more highly than Louise Jordan. I'm not sure if she's still with this group, or only works within WA, but give them a ring and see what they say. They may be able to recommend someone near you, if they can't take your case.

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      This may be true if you trying to get a Visa but not for citizenship. That process is very very very easy if you read english.


    Well, thanks for the 3 helpful comments. As you've seen I have a non-straightforward case, so will likely use an immigration agent to ensure I've framed my Ministerial exemption correctly.

    And all the others, aren't Peter Dutton jokes past their prime?

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