expired [PS4, XB1] Shadow Of The Tomb Raider $58.99 Delivered @ OzGameShop


Great Price!!

Free Shipping for orders over $50!

Buy now and experience Lara Croft’s defining moment as she becomes the Tomb Raider.

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    $0.99 more than Amazon, and shipped from UK…?

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    Cheaper at Amazon and much quicker/free delivery if you have Prime. I've only ever had bad experiences with Ozgameshop with regards to shipping.

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    Good if you have player points left

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    shouldn't be too harsh to ozgameshop, amazon wont be selling at this price if they weren't price matching with ozgameshop.

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      This. They have been directly matching Ozgameshop. I'd support OGS if given a chance otherwise Amazon won't be competitive.

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    How are you guys still in business?

    I was a loyal, long-term customer many, MANY moons ago, and watched as you grew larger and became dodgier, like many other businesses.

    I still have player points "pending" from 5 F**KING YEARS AGO, and every email I sent was responded to with the same typical "they will clear soon!" BS line.

    The negative review I left for you on Product Review is one of the most read and "helpful" on your company profile.

    You really are a pointless, useless company, mainly due to the following simple facts:

    1. You're not the cheapest option anymore, and often are beaten by both Amazon and eBay.

    2. You're not based in Australia, so it takes longer to receive products, we're not supporting local business, you now charge for delivery (used to be free), and your games CANNOT BE TRADED IN, due to not having an Australian rating (may have changed, but I doubt it).

    3. Your customer service is awful and your "employees" are absolutely useless and beyond clueless, especially regarding issues with DLC.

    In conclusion, I'd rather pay full price at EB Games (which of course I'd never do) than ever buy from you again.

      1. They are the cheapest in most cases. Amazon matches their prices on some of the newest games though. I think you miss the point though, other options are as cheap or cheaper thanks to competition from the likes of Ozgameshop.

      2. The delivery is fast for UK delivery. On par with other business operating out of the UK like Book Depository. Ozgameshop ship games very quickly. Delivery is free for orders over $50. Games not being able to be traded in due to the rating has nothing to do with Ozgameshop, that's a policy by EB Games.

      3. I've only had positive customer service experiences. By the tone of your post you come across as overly angry towards Ozgameshop though so I'm not surprised they've given you the cold shoulder.

      Spend your money wherever you want. If Ozgameshop closes up shop though, you'll be forced to pay full RRP. The only reason games are $69 or $79 on release at JB, Amazon, Big W is thanks to competitiveness. Take away a store like Ozgameshop or Big W or any other place being competitive and the prices will rise.

      • +2 votes

        Umm.. What?

        • Point 1. No, no they are definitely not the cheapest in most cases, as evidenced by the link in the VERY FIRST COMMENT for one, and many, many others. Price matching has been around a lot longer than OzGS, and will be long after they are gone, so being forced to pay RRP isn't going to happen just because one store disappears.

        • Point 2. You've completely skipped the point that we are comparing companies based in Australia, so them being faster than any other company based outside of Australia is totally irrelevant. Also, shipping used to be free, so if you're not spending over $50.00 then you also end up paying even more for postage, plus waiting longer. EB Games and JB Hifi both have the same trade in policy, so for most people not having that option is another huge negative against buying from OzGS or the likes.

        • Point 3. As I clearly stated:

        I was a loyal, long-term customer many, MANY moons ago..

        I became frustrated by years of constantly poor customer service, which involved increasingly delayed responses to my inquiries and requests for assistance, and complete zero disregard for my loyalty, which included me recommending others (hence my still pending player points).

        By your logic it's my fault and therefore makes me an overly angry person, who only has myself to blame for being given the cold shoulder?

        I seriously hope you never open your own business, as this kind of thinking will not get you very far, especially in today's ultra competitive market (another example of how one company is hardly relevant in the big picture).

        I have a suspicion that you might be affiliated with OzGS, but if not then you're more than welcome to keep paying them more money for the same thing (have a look at how cheap all of their "Top Products" are currently going for, and let everyone know how much cheaper they are), and I'll stick to basically anyone else.

        I suppose you have at least answered my question about how they are still in business, lol.

        • -2 votes

          Point 1: You're taking a single example with Shadow of the Tomb Raider. If you look around you'll see they are generally the cheapest options for most games. You also miss my point on competition. You won't be able to price match if the only options are JB and EB charging RRP.

          Point 2: You're comparing apples with oranges. It's clear OGS is located outside Australia and they quote delivery times on their site. You seem to want them to ship within Australia which is not possible. If you think $2 is unreasonable for shipping items under $50 then I don't know what more to say to you. Amazon has exactly the same policy for items under $49 and they charge a lot more than 2 bucks. Same thing with EB Games and JB, they charge for shipping regardless of the price of the item.

          Edit: I'm not affiliated with Ozgameshop but I do shop there often, more so now that Base have cut off Aussie customers. I just want games for the cheapest prices and I like competition. Amazon also directly match Ozgameshop. I'm not saying you should shop at Ozgameshop but it's worth considering because they do keep the prices down locally.

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        the OZ liberal party already did this with its border wall demanding gst collection.

        They took away dozens of foreign gaming stores………so you can't spend wherever you want -it aint possible anymore without a freight forwarder which for games is ridiculous.

        You need to get real lowell

        • -1 vote

          Which is all the more reason to shop at Ozgameshop? I shopped at other places that were UK based before the import GST came in, but many have refused to ship to Australia now (Amazon, Base, etc). It's a good thing Ozgameshop have made it work by still shipping to Australia. You want to kill off the last of the cheaper import stores and let local retailers go back to their Aussie $110 RRP? It's not just that though, we don't get some niche titles locally and have to rely on Ozgameshop, Play-Asia, etc.

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            @Yuri Lowell: You shift your position when it suits fact is ozgameshop aren't as competitive anymore because of the border tax which has forced up oz game prices not reduced them.

            whoever you represent who really gives a damn - the liberal/labor border tax forced up prices for oz consumers and worse is to come.


      Hi there McMoots,

      I am ever so sorry to hear about these pending points and that no one has been able to help.

      Please may you reply with an order number so I can find your account for you and check this out? I would like to make sure this is resolved or it is explained as to why your points have not been added.

      Please comment back asap and I will look into this right away for you!

      Kindest Regards,

      • +1 vote

        G'day, Charlie.

        Cheers for the (4 days later) response, and nothing personal, but get stuffed! :p

        I've had this conversation with different staff members way too many times, and it honestly is nothing but a waste of my time.

        I thought I had made it very clear that I'll never buy anything from you guys again, so you can throw all of my hypothetical player points out of a hypothetical window, as I'll never be redeeming them.

        Now, based on the fact that you know I'll never, EVER be a customer again, and you'll never, EVER make another cent from me, how much interest do you still have in "making me happy" and "doing the right thing", knowing that everyone is watching?

        Enough to send me something physical of monetary value (ie. not worthless player points)?

        Yeah.. I didn't think so, either.

        Good luck, mate.



          Thank you for the feedback. I apologise for the delay in response as the team do not check this platform on a daily basis. As you have mentioned that you do not want my help on this, I will not be able to look into anything more for you regarding your account and the points.

          As for sending you something of value and not just player points, we do not send customers something of value whenever it is requested so I am very sorry but we will not be sending anything of such.

          Once again thank you for the feedback.

          Kind Regards,

          • +1 vote

            @OZGameshopRep: Lol, well clearly you don't value quality customer service either, yet you've never sent me any of that!

            As I said, this is not personal mate; I'm just being completely honest with you and having some fun at the same time.

            FYI, out of curiosity I checked my current player points statement and they've all expired, EXCEPT for the 200 which are still pending from a referral over 4 years ago.

            I'll let Amazon know you say hi.

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