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iPhone & Samsung Accessories From $2 + Delivery (Free with Prime/ $49 Spend) @ Kase Amazon AU


Who doesnt love deal.

Where else can you get these at just $2 each ? WTF

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  • Hi op - re: the tempered glass screen protectors for the S8. Is the adhesive only on the edges or is it all over?

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      I have used two of these on my S8. The adhesive is just in the edges.

      It went in very easy with no bubbles etc
      Good fit

      The first one came off very easily after only a couple of hours when I dropped it on the floor from a height of about 60cm. I figured it was possibly just bad luck and given how cheap they were I ordered another

      It really interferes with the screen sensitivity particularly around the edges. To the point that I ended up taking it off and now have a naked screen. I am pretty clumsy and have had glass screen protectors on my phones at all times for the past 5 years but this one just made the phone too difficult to use. Honestly, it's not worth the hassle even if it was free.

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        It really interferes with the screen sensitivity particularly around the edges. To the point that I ended up taking it off and now have a naked screen.

        Thanks, yes that has been my experience with one I tried previously, the sensitivity degradation just isn't worth it.

        I now have to use flip cases to protect my screen because for some reason it gets scratched up being carried around in a handbag otherwise. Hate flip cases but it's a necessarily evil it seems. Not a fan of the plastic sticker kind of screen protectors either.

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    Hi rep, when you say "WTF", is that an industry term, as I would otherwise believe it's an exclamation with an element of surprise, seeing as you likely set the prices you would not be surprised?

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      Wednesday Thursday Friday

      • WTF, learn soonething new everyday

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    The reviews are pretty damning on most… protector too thick dulling sensitivity etc..

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      Ugh…losing sensitivity due to a thick protector is the worst! I prefer to just go without.

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        Must… resist…

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          If you have a comment to add to the discussion you should put it in…

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          That's what she said.

          There I said it

          • @BargainKen: Bought a tempered glass protector for s8 from a different seller on eBay, got the same touch sensitivity problem, reason could be, I fixed it couple of mm below the camera. Ended up installing 'Notification drawer' app.

  • Thanks OP. Bought a couple of stuff

  • wondering how do you guys making a profit to send these out when the minimum letter would be $1 these days from austrlia post?

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      Auspost give volume discounts to businesses that post a lot.

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      As Donald Trump said, The common man subsidises the costs of postage for amazon( and other large online retailers)

    • Thats the profit mate.

    • Realise that AusPost only charges high prices to Australians. The reasoning is political and beyond the scope of this deal. But if this is a new concept, you are probably young and still naive. Just beware about waking up as you will start to see these rorts everywhere you have a closer look.

  • Looks like quality…..lol

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    It charged me $3.. Title is misleading.. It should say from $2

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      Yeah damn the OP!!! He should rot in hell for getting the price wrong by a dollar! /s

  • good price. bought one

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    I love deal.

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    Wondering what award the iphone x case won.

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      The WTF award

  • I dont see decent phone protection from those cheap cases

  • @Kase - do you have any iPhone7 suitable cases? Are the 8 casss suitable?

  • WTF: With the freight?

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    Any chance you could throw up some Pixel 2 XL cases? Could use a new ultrathin case, specifically a clear one if you make it. My clear Incipio case has turned a hideous brown (quality!).

  • Yellow one all gone.

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