Food Processor

Looking for a good price and recommendation for a Food Processor that will hold up to heavy use.

I was at a friends house and the had made some of those 'bliss balls' which seems like a good snack to make and have at the office vs eating other things. Anyway they mentioned that they had over the years burnt out 2 of food processors as the dates are very tough to process. Looking through OZB I don't really see these machines come up so thought it worth the ask.


  • Magimix is the bees knees.

  • i've got a kmart one that gets used about 2x a week to make stuff (wife does a lot of baking), never had a problem with it.

  • friend at work (who is the symbol of youth - he looked the same as when I met him 9 years ago), swears by Vitamix

  • ive got a cheap $100 one, i use it for pizza bases, meatballs and mixing/shredding. i give it about 2 years of life before i expect it to die.
    The heavier stuff to blend, i just throw it in the blender first (one of those $99 Kogan 1500W blenders). when i make those bliss balls, i just mix the oats and banana in a bowl with two spoons. takes 5 minutes longer than a machine.