Who do you use to ship heavy items O/S, particularly to the US?

I've had an issue with fitment of some car parts and the seller has asked me to return the items for a refund, but it is about 15kg and so far…I can't get any cheaper than about $170 and that's with Australia Post! That's a lot of dough so I'm looking for a reasonably priced alternative.

This isn't the first time I've had to ship items O/S and PayPal returns only covers $45, which often doesn't cover international delivery fees.

So… who do you use to post heavy, bulky and/or awkward items O/S (US)?



    Maybe it's easier to keep the car parts. For 15KG for presumably large-ish parts, $170 doesn't sound too bad.

    Shop around a few different companies but $170 might be the best you can do.

    What is wrong with them and are you able to sell them here?


      Apparently, the parts are for US markets and I missed something on the listing saying to confirm using vin prior to purchase for each listing to cover themselves. I haven't had this issue before, and they shipped to Australia so I didn't even second guess it.

      So they wouldn't be useful here, locally. I guess I could offer to ship O/S, but then that has its own problems.

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