Is It Just Me, or Is Everyone Having Trouble Buying Multiple Items on eBay?

Ever since eBay started doing deals, their checkout has begun bailing whenever I press 'checkout' to pay, (as opposed to looking in your cart to see what you want to get)

Today's error message is:
"Something went wrong. Please try to check out again. Error codes: 70245 70438"

When it happens, there is no way to pay. I found once that by manually removing (by cut & pasting URIs) the items and re-adding them, I could complete the checkout process, but other times it hasn't worked. Dumping cookies, logging out & in, and restarting/changing device/browser never works.

I find that any more than 5 items and this kind of response is assured, and it might be something to do with the amount of time I take to accumulate items in my cart before paying because I'm waiting to checkout in the hope of a deal turning up.

eBay's support forums are full of people asking about this problem, but most wouldn't bother with posting or contacting eBay. Have you experienced this? Let all your fellow OzBargainers know what your experience is in the poll below. Does it happen to you?

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    Yes. eBay is withholding discounts. It is very hard paying so much tax in low-tax jurisdictions
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    Yes. I just feel eBay is only doing it to reduce discounts, as every promo has a min value
  • 1
    Yes. They genuinely have repeated & similar failures in one of the most valuable trading systems
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    No. I've not encountered this buying more than 5 items
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    No. I don't buy more than 5 items at a time

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  • I had problems with a Good Guys purchase.

    Error codes: 70049 70084

  • Sometimes it happens if some sellers don't post to a PO Box if you have that set as the primary delivery address, or purchasing items in different currencies

    • Thanks Godric, that's a good point, I'm sure the currency difference is a major variable. My cart contains items paid in USD. If only an extra point could be added to the poll to make it something to measure.

  • I have error when trying to buy for Australia, but primary address set to USA.

    • @foxmulder: Thank you for your comment. At one point I tried with different primary addresses. However even with a local address, as per the original account settings, the problem reoccurs.

  • I had this happen with items from China and Australia in my cart for a while and found that if I took them out and put them back in I was able to checkout fine. I didn’t do this scientifically as I was rushing but I wondered if the exchange rate had changed the Aussie dollar value and for some reason the gst amount had not updated to the new $au amount resulting in an “error “.

    • @Ashenpips: Yes indeed. Thanks- theories abound.

      My favourite is that they keep writing new versions of their cart and/or checkout, and that each time they deploy a new one, new things break.

      If this is the case, each time they have announce a new code, they may be deploying new versions, without regression testing the it with data accompanying items that saved by a month or two of earlier carts.

      Surely this isn't the case, but they seem to be making the same mistake constantly