Best Deal for Baby Car Seat?

Where can I find the best deal to buy Britax Safe N Sound Maxi Guard Pro?
I am getting a price of $439 + $10 delivery from online store. But anything better than this?
Should I wait for more to get a better deal near christmas?


  • When do you need the seat by?

    Is junior in a crap seat at the moment?

    You do know that that seat is not great when it comes to safety……

    • I need it asap. DD is in capsule ATM.
      Also I checked the rating. I compared with other products. I really don't understand how they come up with overall rating. Is this site trust worthy?

  • Interested as well…

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    get amex, save baby bunting offer and pricematched your online store with them. you welcome

    • Wont work. Baby Bunting are the exclusive seller of the Maxi Guard PRO+ which is a different model to the Maxi Guard PRO. They have exclusive models which have different colours/fabrics to stop price matching like this, much like Bunnings does.

  • baby bunting if not get david joens to price match and buy gift cards from entertainment book, that's what I did for this exact model :P

  • I always heard that for baby stuff, if you want top-quality for cheap it's always better to buy used/pre-owned.

    • We purchased our pram & 1 baby car seat from Facebook market place. I can't believe people pay $600+ for prams and car seats.

      I can't remember the exact price. We saved a minimum of 50% buying 2nd hand.

      • Pram is fine, got to be careful with car seats as they need to be changed every 8 years amongst other things

        • Yeah, they were near new. Just a quick clean and that was it.

        • And changed after an accident, I wouldn't buy a used car seat tbh

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    Wait for next baby bunting 15-20% sale, they usually have them regularly. Not sure how often now since direct competition babies r us closed down.

    • They had one just after Babies are us closed a couple of months ago. So still doing them, but maybe less regularly.

  • Buy the Maxi Guard non-pro for $348 or buy the Babylove Ezy Grow EP (which is the older Maxi Guard model) for $279?

  • ….and the OP is never heard from again…………

  • any good deals on car seat or any suggestion on car seats?

    • Baby Bunting have an eBay store. Their prices are already usually the lowest, add the eBay code for a other 10% off and the price is much better. We bought the maxi guard pro last weekend for 393, could have bought it for around 370 with the 15% off voucher the other day.

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