Ford Falcon 2013 Dedicated LPG, Engine Shaking at Low LPG

Hi Friends

I bought a ford falcon 2013 from a dealer less than a week (122000 km). It was running good but one day the engine started shaking and the yellow engine sign on the dashboard appeared. This happened just after starting the car and it was happening while driving too. Even driving in this condition, the DSC warning light also appeared. I noticed that the lpg is only quarter tank left (as can seen in the fuel meter). So I filled the tank and the shaking, yellow engine sign, DSC light everything disappeared. For further information, before buying the car I took a test drive in the dealer showroom, and that time there was less than a quarter lpg in the tank. The dealer filled it up to three quarter. After that I did not fill the tank until this shaking thing happened.

Another issue I faced is the battery. I stopped in the coles parking and after shopping only for 15 minutes I returned back. But the car did not start after several tries. I called my friend and he came with a jump starter and the car started with it. I drove the car smoothly that day. But again I faced this battery issue today. To me, it seems like the car is taking a little longer than usual to get started. Which indicates insufficient charges in the battery. I also checked the battery by Supercheap auto, they reported that the battery is good but it needs charging.

Now, please tell me are these two issues are correlated? What may happen to the car?


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    5 year old LPG car, 122k

    May have spend a many periods in the sun with the tank half full, this causes water to build-up in the tank. The tank can be checked and drained easily enough. But don't let a buffoon touch your car, some are out to make money and break things, and that can easily end up bad for you. That you let SCA touch it, let alone proffer advice, prompts me to say this.

    Water will cause all these symptoms

    BTW, to check the battery, measure the voltage with it connected to the car, key out and car locked up for >20mins.

    Even after 3 days not being used, it should be at least 12.5V. If it is really bad, it may be like this after just having been driven and locked up for 30mins.

    Unless it has been replaced, replace the battery. Even if it is the 2nd one, it'll need to be changed now


      Thank you very much, my friend measured the battery voltage. It was 12.5 v.


        12.5V is borderline

        Was that measured after being shutdown, and fully locked- for how long?

        Very important that all this is done to stop any load on the battery reducing the voltage

        Also if recently driven and the battery warm, it will give a higher voltage. (My voltages are what I'd expect with the battery at 25 degrees, not 20, not 30). So even if standing a while, if your battery was still warm from driving or after being warmed by the sun, it's going to be low.

        Another thing to suspect could be the spark plugs, if they were not changed in the last 40,000kms. Make sure you only use the exact same ones Ford specify- and be sure you change all the fluids once the running issue is fixed, unless you know when they were last done. I mean transmission, diff, brakes, coolant. Then you'll be good to go.

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    Also grab a multimeter and check what voltage your battery is getting when the car is running. Should be ~14v, otherwise there might be something wrong with the alternator.


      Thank you miicah, the voltage was measured as 13.4v after the car engine was started.


        That sounds normal. Unless you are happy to spend a week or two driving around with jumper leads/battery pack, I would just buy a new battery.


    Get the battery replaced. Falcons are notorious for throwing warnings specially DSC warning when a battery is on the way out. I'm 90% certain that these issues will be gone when your battery is replaced. (Source : I own a falcon and frequent ford,falcon forums)

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    I've said this before and I'll say it again… When you had your car inspected by a mechanic before you purchased it, what did they say about these issues? (they might have even known to look for water in the fuel tank) Please tell me you did have the car checked? and you did do a PPSR report?

    The battery might have dead cells. Take it on a long drive on the freeway(1 hour or so) and let it charge up. If it was stuck in a dealer for several months it might not have had a proper run. If that doesn't work, buying a new battery won't be that expensive.

    If you are near a super cheap, grab a portable battery booster. Only $150ish and could save you from being stuck somewhere. Given it's an older car, signing up to roadside assist could be a good plan.

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    I bought a ford falcon

    Easily fixed: trade in, buy reliable car


    Hi Mates, thanks for your comments. Update of car condition:

    As I mentioned in my post that I filled the full LPG tank, after that I was actually waiting to monitor what happens when the LPG comes near to quarter of the tank. This time the car engine did not shake or vibrate and when the LPG went further lower, the fuel warning appeared. I became happy thinking that, my problem is solved with the engine shaking. However, today the engine vibrated again though the LPG tank was 90% filled. This confirmed that, the vibration has no issue with the LPG quantity in the tank. Another thing I noticed today is that, the shaking or vibration has not started during driving the car. It was started just after starting the car. So I was assuming that, if this is something related to the battery issue. Please help me what to do

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      Well a logical next step is to replace the battery. It’s probably stuffed though from being left and not driven. Battery testers won’t pick this up and will just tell you to charge it.

      I don’t know why I was negged above. But I would buy a new battery.

      I suggest signing up to roadside assist and getting someone out to look at the car if the battery replacement doesn’t help. Or take it to a mechanic and see what they suggest.

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      Is it shaking at idle or while driving? Is it a E-Gas falcon or Eco lpi?


    Hi All,

    Thanks for your suggestions, i went to mechanic and they said that it could be the old spark plugs which caused miss firing resulting in engine shaking. Anyway the spark plugs are already replaced and so far no shaking issue.

    Thanks to all of you again.

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