Macquarie Black Credit Card

Anyone using the Macquarie Black Credit Card? Thinking of applying for it and I'm wondering how quickly do transactions show up in your online banking account/mobile app? Is it instant like NAB credit card or slow like ANZ? Thanks


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    I can't help on the Macquarie card but I can say that transactions on the new ANZ app are MUCH improved - most now appear instantly.

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    I have the Macquarie Platinum credit card - charges to my card are visible in the app instantly as a pending charge.

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    Didn't know this card offered airport lounge access.
    Does anyone know which network? (Priority pass - AMEX and citi bank, Lounge key- Bankwest World, Veloce - ANZ FF Black)

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      Didn't know this card offered airport lounge access.

      Except it doesn't !

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        What do you mean?

        Here it says:

        Overseas airport lounge access
        From business trips to Singapore or family holidays to Bali, access over 750 airport lounges around the world, regardless of class of travel or airline you’re flying. Enjoy complimentary refreshments and snacks in a relaxed environment where you can kick back or catch up on work.

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          You obviously failed to read the next paragraph on the page:

          Call our 24/7 Concierge Service on +61 2 9273 2705 to find out what lounges are available for your next trip and get a quote for access for you and your family. Service charges apply, excludes airport lounges in Australia.

          So you need to pay to access the lounges, there is no complimentary lounge access.


            @bazza1980: Cheers for the clarification.
            Quite misleading on the bank's side. Any credit card under the sun can claim this if you have to pay for access. Initially, I thought the service charge is for the Concierge service, and not the lounge access itself.


              @FirstWizard: I should point out that it seems to offer you compimentary lounge access outside Australia. It specifically mentions two asian locations, references around the world and specifically excludes Australia

              So if you are only travelling domestically then you don't have (free) lounge access but if you are travelling internationally you do (and you can find out which ones are available through their concierge..)


                @jason andrade: Cheers! Unfortunately, their concierge doesn't want to give me info as I'm not a card member yet.

                If only there existed a technology that would show a list of places on the computer screen! haha


    ANZ's app is fantastic for people who are challenged by technology..

    Westpac's app has waaaaay more features and is more my style.

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