Inline Mic Cable for Sony WH-1000XM3

I recently bought the Sony WH-1000XM3 headphones, and love the NC and sound quality. However, I was wanting to use it as a headset in the office to make phone calls (connected either to my mobile or laptop via Bluetooth). Having tested the call quality, I'm less than impressed with the call quality. More specifically, I can hear the person on the other end just fine, but the other caller can barely hear me because it's heavily muffled. This was in a quiet room at work, so it's not due to ambient noise contending with my voice.

I thought I could workaround that by using the supplied cable, only to find that the cable does not have an inline microphone!

Has anyone used an inline microphone cable with their 1000XM3s to make calls? Does the headphones even support an inline mic cable? Sony doesn't seem to have one available as an accessory. If the headphone does work with inline mic cables, can anyone recommend a decent one?



    No inline mic. The mics on the new Xm3 were meant to be more directional in picking up your voice. That doesnt sound like much of am improvement over the Xm2. I believe however if your using it outside of office with normal voice it would work better, but not for your purpose. You do get wind noise. I found that with the Xm2


    Can you see if there is any small hole to the bottom of the ear cups. For some reason they put the cut outs for the NC to the top to capture noise. Wouldnt it be better at the bottom to then also capture your voice.


    Sounds strange to me. I have made a few calls with my WH-1000XM3 and the sound quality is excellent. Speaking with a quiet voice the callers were able to hear me fine. The NC fools you into thinking you are quieter than you really are, so you do speak louder. Not good for office phone calls! I usually change the mode from noise cancelling to 'ambient noise control' or remove one of the ear covers until I get to a meeting room.