Best Way to Churn Credit Cards

I currently have the ANZ Frequent Flyer Black card and I am looking around to churn and get a new one for the Qantas points.

Is there a general pattern of cards people go through to do this? I will probably prepay a bunch of bills to meet the spend minimum.

I was thinking of the NAB signature card. Then next year back to the ANZ Black?


  • if u don't really care about your credit history, then you pretty much can just do a card every 3 months, and when the year comes up, u repeat

    • I don’t this it really has a big impact.

      Just trying to find the best card for bonus points.

  • ANZ FF Black
    St George Amplify Signature
    Westpac Altitude + Amex bundle
    NAB (Qantas) Rewards Signature
    HSBC Platinum (Qantas)
    Qantas Premier Platinum/Everyday Mastercard (Citi)
    Bendigo Bank Qantas Platinum Mastercard
    Any of a number of Amex options (Explorer, Plat Edge, etc)

    • depending on your income/debts/etc you may have options within these for differing levels of cards - increased FF bonus & credit limit (e.g. Platinum vs Black Visa)
    • for many you also need to pay an annual fee to get the card (which can be as much as $400 or more) - sometimes there are promotions for some with a discounted annual fee
    • for most/all there is also a "cooling" off period between when you cancel before you can reapply at the same institution and get bonus (typically at least 12 months but for amex is 18 months)