Westin vs Hilton Hotel mattress

My oz mattress has develop some big humps after bending the mattress during a move.

Tried to order another mattress from is mattress, but seems the business has shut down.

I loved my old mattress (before it started to sag), and I’m looking for a mattress that is similiar to make n feel. I’ve seen a few other online mattress shops, but can’t find anything that looks decent. I did a trial of one of the newer online mattress shops, but it didn’t feel right.

I’m now looking at the Westin and Hilton hotel mattresses. I’ve stayed at a Westin before, and remember how comfortable the mattress was. I’ve read a few reviews online, and the Hilton Hotel seems popular too.

I’m looking for any eecommendations/ past experiences with either mattress.


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    Consider the crown towers mattress. I find it more comfortable than the hilton and westin beds


    I have stayed in many Westin and Hilton properties around the world, those many nights earnt me Starwood (now Marriott) Platinum member for five years, and currently Hilton Diamond for the past two.

    I prefer Westin beds as I find them 'floaty' whilst still "wrapping around you". I love that feeling of just jumping onto the bed and feels like heaven - well they do call it the heavenly bed after all.

    That said, check out the W Hotel beds (W Hotels are my favourite hotel chain) …. like Westin's but wayyyy nicer :)

    It's hard to explain but if you are in or going to visit Brisbane, stay at the new W hotel there, you will impressed.

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    I prefer to source my mattresses from a shop rather than a hotel.

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    I'm curious what company is claiming that these hotels use their mattress?

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      Depending on where you live, you can buy them online directly from the hotel website.

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    I went through the mattress thing about a year ago. Tried one of those 'mattress in a box' things (the most expensive one, Sleeping Duck), and personally didn't like it - let's face it take away all the amazing marketing and they're all cheap foam mattresses from China. Beware the fake 5 star reviews online.

    In the end I didn't pay much more for a quality inner spring (Melbourne built) Maddison. FAR better, and tops the charts for the Choice personal preference awards (mattresses are a very personal thing, there is no 'good' or 'bad' in general).

    As far as hotels go, I like the Westin mattresses.


    Didn't know Ozmattress closed down. Now what will I do about warranty claims? :(