NBN Modem Recommendation / Router for good coverage (I'm with Optus)

So we've finally been forced onto NBN and set it up today.

The NBN technician said our connection was fine with 100 mbs speed which is more than plenty. The connection point is in a bedroom upstairs.

Just connected Optus' shitty modem and we've basically got no coverage downstairs at all which is where we need it most.

Any recommendations for modems / routers that give good coverage would be greatly appreciated.

All we need is better coverage downstairs to stream netflix, spotify and browse.

I did read a few of the other threads but I don't get most of what was said haha. Saw the nighthawk recommendation but that's $300, surely not necessary?




    Optus installed a Netgear CM500 cable modem and Sagemcom wireless router. The Sagemcom is a piece of shit and the Netgear cable modem isn't working with my Asus AC68 router. Can't seem to recognise the incoming WAN network from the cable modem.

    Please check if any wireless router can work with your NBN connection because I am stuck with shit coverage in a concrete house.


      I'd look into troubleshooting that RT-AC68u. No reason it shouldn't be able work. There are a stack of guides with routing either the DSL-AC68u or the RT-AC68u. Are you using stock firmware or have you flashed to Merlin? I'm running stock firmware on a DSL-AC68u, had some teething when it all started but running happy now. Any questions send me a message, happy to try and help.


    I'm a fan of the Google Wifi setup. I'm using the 3-puck setup in my house and have coverage everywhere. Small footprint, reasonable price, good support.


      And surely Google is running data collection on these devices?

      Can you run cat 5/6? Or Ethernet over powerline? Alternatively, a mesh system, as DannersAU said.


    Get any wifi router and put same ssid and password as the optus router for wifi. Install it downstairs using ethernet over power. That's it.


    try put it up side down, also try connect to 2.4g, 5g is good at speed but not distance.


    If you can get another connection point downstairs then you can use Wi-Fi mesh. Where you have one router upstairs and one router downstairs, your coverage signal will strengthen and you will be able to take advantage of the 5Ghz wireless band where you can really use the speeds.

    I have the Asus RT-AC68U and it is superb!!


    I am going to go out on limb here and ask the question. Does the your modem/router have external wifi antennas? I would suggest making one vertical and one horizontal. Alternatively, do you have access to the room? I would suggest ubiquiti long range ceiling mount point.


    I had the exact same problem. Like jsb I bought this ethernet over power https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/380283.
    Connected it into an older modem I had (still faster/increased range than the Optus supplied modem).
    It's running about 50mbps over an 100 mbps connection. Not great, but better than paying for that Nighthawk modem.
    I'm open to other options as well.


      sorry im super clueless about these things.
      so if i got this, i plug it next to the nbn modem and connect the modem to it with the ethernet cord and then that will extend the wifi signal? or does it only increase the speed for connected devices?


    I use a WiFi Range Extender, cos I can. This one is a ripper and dead easy to setup. It only has to sniff the signal and extends it for easy access to your LAN and henceforth, the WAN.

    From the site: Not only can you extend the reach of your dual band WiFi network, you can connect up to 4 wired devices wirelessly. 4 ports enable you to connect everything from a Blu-ray player to a Smart TV or game console to your existing WiFi network. Simultaneous dual band WiFi reduces interference for smoother HD streaming.
    Netgear Model: WN2500RP


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