JBL EVEREST 710 Wireless Headphones

Does anyone have any experience with JBL as a brand? More specifically this pair of headphones?

I currently have the Original Beats by Dre Studio Headphones (wired & over ear) and wanting an upgrade to wireless. Or anyone that can recommend something in a similar price range?

Below is the link:




    Very anecdotally from using some of their other products, JBL products are good for the 'sportiness' and comfort aspects of design and wireless performance, and ok but not great for sound quality, etc.

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    I've been using the e55bt since September. Used them twice at the gym for running and they're pretty comfortable. I haven't tried lying down though. Very easy to set up and connect which makes them very convenient.. I've done a few hours on them and no charging yet (some connected to aux). Pretty good range and depth on the sound but not MASSIVE bass. I listen to UK Hardcore which is more punchy and it's suitable - having said that it's streaming and you never know if phone/bitrate is effecting the quality. Top headband is a little hard, I'm hoping it softens up eventually. Sorry I can't comment on these specifically but maybe you can compare.