TaoTronics V. Bluedio V. Soundpeats

There has been an increase of cheap headphones deals. but does anyone know how these earphones/headphones compare to one another?


  • bluedio victory is best set I've ever owned. Easily outperforms most $300 headphones.

    Taotronics are the best budget pair. Less bass than the victory, more comfortable and decent NC.

  • Have to agree with the poster above, the Bluedio Victory headset is incredible value for the money! They certainly will outperform most closed backs. The whole 12 driver thing is a little bit hyped but they do sound amazing especially when you run an optical cable straight into it at 24bit 48hz.

    If you’re looking for maximum comfort and don’t need the isolation then the open backed Beyerdynamic DT990’s are a great choice for the money! I’m sorted with both these headphones but I’m sure i’ll need to buy another pair sooner or later 😉