Earn $50,000 Per Month True or Scam?

Hi bargainers, being an saver all my life and I still struggle with payment and live a frugal life. Though have some good investments.

It has occurred to me that I have to start earning more while travelling and be a digital nomad and tumbled on his blog. Just checking if this is really true or a big scam.

Make me travel!
- na8an

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    Fake, stay away
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    Real deal
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    Want to see how this baby turns out!


  • Yes seems completely legit, just give me $169 and my patented 10 step plan will make you rich goyim.

    • Shut up and take my money

    • Never understood how people fall for the "pay me $xxx and I'll show you how to become a millionaire". If these people were legit, they would NOT be trying to sell you courses…

  • Yeah, when I figure out how to make $50k a month I'm definitely going to tell everyone else how they can do it too.

  • If "Michelle" were truly earning over $50k/month from her blog, she wouldn't be trying to sell a dumb course which is bound to be full of vague principles and exaggerated promises.

  • I can confirm it is true. I earn 49000$ a month following the exact steps posted in your link. I encourage everybody on OzBargain to do the same. That way there will be no need for OzBargain as we'll all be earning 600000$ a year.

  • I will sum up "how Michelle makes $50k a month" in one sentence. Sell tickets to gullible people.

  • Benji from Survivor, of grossout nachos fame, claims to be a young millionaire. He basically takes other people's books and changes the cover to "How to earn a six figure salary doing…." and calls it marketing. Maybe it works and he is telling the truth, or equally his whole MO rotates around telling the world you earn big bucks, whether you do or do not.

  • Financial planners hate him!

  • lol I hope you are joking

  • Maybe buy 2 courses and make 100k per month.

  • Its true that if you create/produce something that you can teach or sell to others, then market its extremely effectively, you can make money from it. i dont think you can target ozbargainers though, thats lesson 1. cant target people whove spent the money elsewhere, and havent profited, thats lesson 2. your information should be highly realistic, attractive and doable. thats lesson 3. your production has to have the element of 'time-sucking' whoever pays for it, through maintaining their interest, and keeping them motivated, thats lesson 4. when youve successfully marketed your product, whoever paid for it has to make something from someone else, thats lesson 5.
    youre now ready to write your own, specific information with the appeal of a pricing error. cash some cheques, pay a news website for news advertising

  • All above things considered, I actually know a mate in Melbourne who does earn 10k+ by maintaining couple of websites, it was not very easy though it took him time and money to mint money.

    From what I have studied or researched it's doable, but needs dedication and strategies.

    This is just my opinion, not contesting in any means.

    • So we make ozbargain porn, guy walks into harvey normans one day sale, $16000 tv down to 4000. Sales girl aproaches then bom chika wowow

  • Then she asks "Would you like me to deliver it" Wink wink.

  • It it was true, why is the author of the article, Zach Zorn, still working as a boat salesman?