[FAKE SITE] Free Coffee Sampler Pack or Free Demerara Sugar Cubes Sample @ Verified Gourmet Coffee

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Free Coffee Sampler Pack

Try for free our sampler set of four different roasts (French Roast, Sunrise Blend, Brazil Mogiana & Steelyard Espresso). Unlike supermarket coffee, our coffee beans are fresh because we flame roast using traditional coffee roasting skills to give you world class coffee.
While supplies last or till October 31, 2018.

Free Demerara Sugar Cubes Pack

Right now you can request a free Tate & Lyle Demerara sugar cubes sample from Verified Coffee. Hurry, offer valid for a limited time!
Made from natural cane, demarara sugar boasts a beautiful golden hue and rich flavor unrivaled by traditional white sugar. Each of our demerara cubes adds just the right amount of sweetness to tea, coffee, or any other hot beverage in need of a little extra flavor.
Great for your coffee and also looks great in the sugar bowl, show off to your coffee morning guests!!
If you would like to receive the free sugar cubes, please enter the mailing address below. Limit one sample per household or address. While supplies last. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Kosher - KLBD.

Mod: This is a fake site (fake address, no registration, no contact details) and links to the site have been removed. See this article about issues others were having.

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    I signed up as like my coffee, however be aware after you sign up pops up a box about filling in a survey after a week, which I was happy to do as having feedback makes an ok company into a fantastic company, however after I agreed, popped up spam sites.. it congratulations you have won this.. and that.. etc.

    • Thanks for the heads up.

    • It's not legit

  • +3

    I'm unsure about this offer:
    - Unsecure site
    - Seems to be based in Arizona
    - The images seem to be common stock photos
    - Multiple, but inconsistent, references to 'single origin', 'gourmet' and 'speciality'
    - Only one of the coffee samples mentioned is listed on their 'coffee' page

    • +1

      Yeah this seems like a great way to steal people's info.

      -No way to actually purchase anything
      -Their address is a lie. 6615 University Ave, Middleton Wisconsin is a Papa Johns Pizza. Still is to this day too according to their website.
      -Stock photos

      Negging this deal because it sure looks like an info grabbing service rather than anything real.

  • I got excited when I saw sugar cubes then remembered I'm on OzBargain.

  • Looks like the site got overwhelmed.

    • Working for me.

  • +1

    Their address:

    6615 University Ave
    Middleton, WI 53562, USA

    is a Papa Johns Pizza

    • -2

      I just googled - it isn't? They have a similar but different address, that seems to be like saying if someone lives on your street then they have to live at your house.

      This looks suspect regardless though.

      • +2

        Yes, it is. What are you Googling because it's not right. Even Google Street View shows it's a Papa Johns.

  • +1

    This doesn't feel right - even for an OzBargainer

  • +2

    Sorry OP, I'm sure you meant well but I'm negging because there is so much evidence this freebie is not legitimate.

  • +2

    Damn i entered all my details.

    • +1

      Me too 😲 I should read the comments

      • +4

        Me three! What are the odds that we'd all enter nmcc08's details?

        • They got my address. Maybe serial killer coming for me. Am scared 😐

  • +1

    Definitely looks suspicious, am regretting entering my details now

  • So glad that I didn't see this at the time, would've probably entered in my details.

  • So sorry everyone, I didn't realise it was fake. I had entered all my details too :/

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