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[NSW] Electric Bike ZERO - Urban Commuter $919 ($300 off) + Free Shipping in Sydney @ Mearth


GET $300 OFF on Mearth E-bike ZERO for a better commutie.
Only Ebike ZERO and FREE shipping in Sydney.
ORDER NOW with promo code:CommuterEbikeZERO
(We only provide delivery in Sydney and store pick up at the moment.)

We are proud to welcome the new addition of the Mearth E-Bike to the family.

It is indeed a bicycle but not your ordinary one. It will transform what you can do with a bicycle, by allowing you to ride more, ride further and to get your destination quicker.

The other perks of owning an E-bike is that it allows you to save up on costs that accumulate regarding car ownership, taxis or any other form of public transport. Not to mention that you will get fitter from riding it overtime. Being also an environmentally friendly toy, it act as the ultimate perfect replacement for a car.
What better way to get from Point A to Point B in a healthy and cost-effective way than to ride your very own Mearth E-Bike?

Aero-Grade Aluminum Forged Frame
With the Mearth E-Bike framework forged with Aero-Grade Aluminum (a material used only in higher quality grade bikes priced AUD 2000 and over), it acts as a durable and sturdy product for users to ride on.

Intelligent Pedal Assist Force Sensor
The Mearth E-Bike contains a force sensor which can monitor the user's riding strength, learn the needs of the rider and provide the appropriate power to assist in the riding experience. This will also save battery life for more powerful riders. Never dread that uphill section again with the Mearth electric bicycle which will adjust to the road conditions and ensure you a smooth ride no matter the terrain.

Portable Lightweight Battery Developed with LG
The portable battery, developed in collaboration with LG, can easily be removed from the frame for transport to the home or the office for charging, allowing you to leave the rest of the bike at the racks or in the garage.

Battery with USB Charge Port & Secure Lock
The Mearth electric bicycle battery will also charge your phone, while riding or while detached from the bike, doubling as a portable power pack. Battery safety is guaranteed thanks to a secure locking device.

User-friendly Heat-bent Frame
User-friendly and manufactured with a heat-bent frame, the Mearth E-Bike allows for both males and females to be able to ride in comfort throughout their journey.

Adjustable Seat-post
Equipped with a comfortable cushioned seating and 10 level of adjustable seat-post to add to your comfort when riding the E-Bike.
(Level 1 to Level 10 suitable 153CM to 188CM people.)

1 Year Warranty
The Mearth E-Bike comes with a 1-year warranty service that includes coverage of its frame, battery and motor.
The warranty however DOES NOT cover if the item’s fault is found to be as a result of misuse or neglect. Replacement or repair will be charged for maintenance.

========== Specification ==========

Size: 174 x 33 x 110 CM
Net Weight:21KG
Wheel Size: 24"
Max Speed: 25Kph
Rated Capacity: 24V Portable LG Battery
Charging Time: 3 Hours
Max Range: 40KM
Warranty (1 year): Frame, Motor and Battery
Package Contents: One bike, One charger, A pair pedal


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    There is no such thing as aero grade aluminium. Alloys are used in the aerospace industry and are pretty common in sub $2000 bicycles. Which alloy does this one use that is only found in $2000+ bikes?

    • +2

      There is no such thing as aero grade aluminium.

      I think they mean Aero chocolate.

      • chocolate or choc mint?

  • How much would you charge to post to Perth? Thanks.

    • They don't deliver to Perth, you'll need to ride it there.

  • Can these be legally ridden on a public road in NSW ?

    • If they're not stolen, then yes…

    • Depends on power output.

  • +29

    What $300 off? You jacked the price up from $899 to $1219.

    • Haha well done sir.

      Let’s see if they return volley.

      • Game, set and match

    • Does that mean an automatic neg…?

    • Posted on their Facebook as well (and not expired yet). Sounds like they just jack up the price the moment before make a post here.

    • (delete double posted)

    • Nice

    • Thanks. I'll neg because it impinges on the store's ability to keep posting shonky deals

    • +1 to you
      -1 to them

  • Worth $400?

  • 1 year frame warranty? Wow that's low.

  • I only ever ride bikes with "heat-bent frames", awesome this one has this feature!

  • Its a pretty cheap low end e-bike, it seems like a quite small battery. The site doesn't state amperage which doesn't inspire confidence and it also notes it shouldn't be ridden in 'heavy rain'. That said I'm not sure what else you get sub $1k

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