4G+ Compatible Modem Recommendations


NBN isn't available in my area and so I'm looking into using a 4G data sim as my main internet connection at home.

I've picked up a 200gb plan from optus and now need to buy a 4g compatible router. I've done some research but was looking for some first hand experience from the community.

I live in an apartment in Sydney which has pretty good optus coverage. My apartment is a 3 bedrooms and the furthest distance the modem will need to reach is about 10m in a straight line, but through 2 walls.

I'm currently leaning towards the Netgear Nighthawk m1 (MR1100) but was wondering if anyone else had any recommendations. I understand that being a primarily Telstra modem that it doesn't support Band 40 (2300), but there's an optus tower that's not too much further that supports Band 3 and 28 (900, 2100).

Thanks in advance



    One of these would do the job - https://www.tp-link.com/au/products/list-4691.html?page=1
    All but one have built in SIM slots. I will suggest TL-MR3620 being a dual band MIMO router.


    I'll be interested in this thread too. Been using the freebie one that came with the modem and the range/consistency is pretty average to use at home.


    I’ve got the m1 nighthawk but on Telstra network. Far outstrips what I was getting via adsl
    Can’t conment on comparisons to other modems or using on optus network though


      How's the strength of connection throughout the home?


        weve got a 2BR unit and have signal strength set to medium, think it taps out from one side of unit to the next (living room>dining area>br>second br apart) but could change the signal strength to high (wears battery down I think)
        Also has 2 dif bandwidth, my tech knowledge is getting to its limits but ones 5 and the other is 2.4 I think, 2.4 range is better but not as fast


        fwiw think you can pick up second hand ones for 250-300
        If I was in Sydney I’d let you try it out but am in Melbs
        Recall reading some forums about people using it on optus network

        Just re-read your 10m line of sight/through walls section, will set it to high tonight and let you know and give an estimate of walls and distance it’s carrying

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