How to Reach out Government Administration to Improvise the Process

Hi Guys,

Not sure if this is the right place, but I want to reach audiences for a solution.

I'm working on a mobile app which doesn't need any involvement from government agencies or offices but it would benefit users if the current application process is streamlined.

I have googled and found that human services is administrating this sector, how can I reach them in order to explain my solution for this?

Should I be representing a company and ability to make this happen, at it's just me a small time developer with an idea.

I thought of reaching them through social media (if no option, ill do this) then looked at lobbyists but that's not relevant for my problem, although they could help and there support is not free or easy.

Hoping to find a solution to make a difference.


  • If I were you, I would improvise.

  • Are you wanting to 'improve' a process? Or improvise?

    I can tell you the Australian government is not interested in improvements nor improvision.

  • They're not interested in hearing ideas from their own staff let alone outsiders

    Source: I worked at DHS for four years in IT

    • 🤦‍♂️ if you don't mind, can you explain more about the process and things if not here maybe pm Qauntumcat pls.

      I just to give my best shot at it, if its too much work and time I'm gonna just forget it.

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        Government are very cautious, do not like unpredictability which equals bad press. Do not like risk.
        Best is to start with private enterprise, build a reliable product, get market share, show consistency.
        If its good enough Government will find you.
        Its a tough nut to crack but can be done. Government take time, they won't be pushed.
        As with tsunamisurfer comment consider this true advice, this is the boundary of the problem you are trying to solve.

        they are not suggesting you give up, if it is the way of the government you seek, then it is a long journey you have.

      • The projects they come up with go through dozens or hundreds of people and layers upon layers of bureaucracy, approvals and things getting signed off by more layers of management than you can imagine. You could put the idea on the Centrelink facebook page and hope that someone notices it and sends it in the right direction, but you wouldn't be developing it. You could also try getting a job at DHS, but currently there's maximum numbers of permanents they are allowed to hire, and contractors are generally just hired for single projects and then booted (you wouldn't get the chance to experience multiple work areas as a contractor).

        If you were developing something as an external entity it would be because you are a software development firm that is engaged to deliver a particular project decided by them. You and other staff would need to be sponsored for security clearances etc to access the data required to test it. Even if you were a large firm you'd be unlikely even to do this as DHS is massive with a lot of capability, they have no need to engage outside firms to do IT work, they do it all in-house (and provide a lot of IT functionality to smaller departments). Departments that engage firms to do IT work are smaller ones where they don't have the capability to do it efficiently both time-wise and financially.