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12 Months LastPass Premium US $8.16 (~AU $11.54) @ Humble Bundle


Just spotted this on Humblebundle. Not as good as the the last deal but still 66% off.

Get another 10% off with Humble monthly.

12 months subscription starts from the date of activation. Purchases of LastPass can only be stacked once.

Valid for LastPass Premium only, not for LastPass Families

Solve all your password problems.
Stop wasting time on passwords. Only remember one master password, and keep the rest locked up and easy-to-find in LastPass.

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  • So what exactly is the value/point of upgrading to Premium nowadays?

  • For anyone that might be wondering… I purchased 2 x 12-month subscriptions during the previous deal in July.

    I just purchased another 12-month subscription from this deal and it worked as expected.

  • I'll start paying when they fix their app's integration with Google Chrome on mobile. Very persistant even after pressing x.

  • Main benefit is that a premium account gives you more options for 2 factor authorisation, one of which is the use of Yubi key.

  • Xbox integration please

  • Silly Q, can I buy this to extend an existing premium subscription?

  • Whats the benefit of family over 2 seperate accounts? Ive been using Lastpass for a while but going to trying and get the wife using it as well.

    • Other than below, I think the value comes into it if you have more then a few users. I'm thinking about grabbing 2 of these as I'm in the same position as you.

      From their website

      6 Premium licenses
      Family manager dashboard
      Unlimited shared folders (From the notes, it means you can create folders of passwords and share vs sharing single passwords?)

  • Are the passwords then stored on their servers?

    What if they get hacked, will they then have access to your passwords?

    • No, each password vault is separately encrypted. They've been hacked before I believe.

    • Yes and not quite. Lastpass only encrypts and decrypts your password vault locally on your device. Because of this lastpass doesn't have the ability to decrypt your vault. They only store the encrypted vault on their servers to they can sync between devices.


      Use Enpass. One time purchase, encrypted database sits wherever you want: local computer, online, cloud, etc.

  • I've been using Safe in Cloud Pro for years and I couldn't be happier.

  • I’ve switched to BitWarden and it’s awesome, LogMeIn doesnt deserve anything after doubling LastPass prices when they took it over

  • Does this work for new user? I was about to signup yesterday, so this deal looks good!

  • i use sticky pass for some years now. happy chappy. life time sub. and last pass got hacked once in the news, google it. but im sure its a good deal.

  • If you use remote desktop apps to access your pc e.g from work. what happens if someone gains access to your desktop and you have lastpass? I use KeePass and there's a lockout timer of 10 minutes, so If I step away from my PC and I did not close KeePass, all my passwords are not accessible. if lastpass allows the automatic login to a variety of websites similar to a web browser auto login to gmail for example, then a hacker would have a field day with lastpass.. yes no?