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QC 3.0 4 USB Ports 7A Fast Charging Car Charger US $2.19 (AU $2.98) @ Zapals


Price in title inclusive of GST.

With 4 USB ports, this car charger can charge 4 devices at the same time, which is great to meet your daily demands. High speed output makes it quicker to charge your device.

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  • I have made a promise with myself not to buy anything electronic from Zapals after previous experiences.
    Yeah it's cheap, but it'll probably not work when it arrives (if it does).

    • The markings on the charger are concerning. It lists two power levels used by QC2 and nothing else. No mention of all the other power levels used by QC3.

        • 3.6V through to 20V is the specification however most only go to 12V. There is no mention of 5V for that specific port either. It's likely the OEM just aren't being clear about what the real power levels are. Especially when it's not an approved QC charger anyway.

          Please don't make accusations either. I've been contributing to charging deals for a very long time for a lot of different brands. It's all about making sure the chargers do what they say they do.

  • this is one of those things i would gladly spend more for peace of mind.

    • unless you buy a named brand which costs 10 times more (possibly made by the similar or same factory anyway), they're about similar quality. I had something similar for 2 years, works fine with whatever I charge and one on my dashcam. never fail or cause issues.

      • i guess my past experience with one of the cheap single usb port ones THAT BURNT OUT made me grow wary and suspicious. if its the exact same components at cheaper price then why not. but until then someone needs to convincce me its the same parts

        • ive been using

          this which has worked well. There is an lcd screen so you can exactly see whats going on.

          how much current is going through.
          how hot the thingy is so maybe give it a break if it hits 40degrees+
          and also the voltage of the car battery so if you're close to killing it.

          no QC charge however so kinda interested in this deal above.

  • will something like this power a dashcam? the specs just say 5V required.