Setting up Region-Specific IPTV Channels on Android TV Boxes

I would like to access region specific tv channels and VOD on my android TV box (nVidia Shield TV). Ideally I would like this for free but I don't mind paying a low monthly/yearly rate for the service. I know of IPTV boxes like RealIPTV but I'm not keen on having another device crowding up my already kinda crowded entertainment unit. Through online research, I have come across the STB Emulator app that can emulate iptv boxes. How do I configure it to run an IPTV service? I'm open to considering any other options as long as it can be configured on an Android TV box.

Can somebody recommend any cheap/free IPTV services that I can access? The channel regions I'm looking for are US, UK, India.



    Just a heads up most cheap IPTV are illegal and are getting shut down by the Government.


      The government? really? Why would they even care about foreign media channels that are not local and which cannot be accessed by people even if they are willing to pay any amount for it?

      At the moment it looks like only IPTv options work for people who want access to channels from their home country. Unless of course the channels are popular ones that can be accessed worldwide like BBC and AL Jazeera etc.


        Mostly copyright issues. Like how the government has blocked most pirating website. Plus most of the cheap IPTV providers restream without a license. So they could get shut down at any moment.


      One could use a proxy service to hide their activities right?


    One way to do this (without using IPTV) is to use a VPN, which you connect to a server in the country you want to watch tv from.

    Most free to air stations offer some kind of online option to watch tv live and/or VOD either on a PC, phone, or TV itself (all you need is that country's IP address).

    You can use any decent VPN but for Chinese content you'd probably want to use Express VPN (which somehow seems to have a better reputation in being able to cross the Great Firewall of China).

    As for IPTV you can google them, find groups on Facebook, etc.

    Note: if you google for something, you can often find what you want by checking Google's "hidden" results (hidden due to Copyright infringement).

    Personally, I've used several IPTV providers. Currently I pay 2 Euro (about $3 AU) per month for 150+ channels from a European country.

    Most of the well known IPTV providers cost between $10-40 AU a month, but vast majority of them have a free trial period, so you can check how it performs on your setup.

    I would not recommend using KODI for IPTV since a recent update destroyed KODI's ability to stream copyright protected content (it can be done, but it's a lot harder than it used to be on KODI.

    Other ways are probably preferred.

    Ps: the quality of my IPTV streams blow local Free to Air TV stations, and Foxtel, out of the water (since most, if not all, of the channels are in full high definition resolution 1920×1080, while Foxtel, and many local stations, are still transmitting in 720p).

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