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[Switch] L.A. Noire $28 (Was $50) @ EB Games



I think this is the lowest price for a physical copy of the game I've seen.

It's also available pre-owned for $23 here.

This is a part of their Christmas Sale, found here.

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  • Good price, bought it for over $40, still haven't got around to play it

    • I recommend - very enjoyable game.

      Just…well you'll want to throw your controller at the wall when you get to the tar pits, let's just say that!

      • Is this a game that's good on the switch… Or would the PC version be more enjoyable do you think?

  • +4

    I really enjoyed this game back when it came out - the first (possibly only)game I ever properly 100%-ed I think, but I'm surprised how much Rockstar keeps coming back to it - it wasn't that well received at the time by most, was it?


    There were a few really odd plot-holes too. Like the first main character just randomly having an affair, completely out-of-character and with no context - it just said it happened (I assumed it was going to later come out it was the only way to protect this woman or some actually thought-out plot other than "HUUUR YOUR CHARACTER'S A SHITHEAD NOW!") Then didn't he die off-camera too and we were told through exposition? Ugh, as I said, the story had some major holes in it, but still very enjoyable.


    • It's a noire crime story, if you wanted the main character to be a 100% stand-up guy you're in the wrong genre haha. Cole being unfaithful to his wife was there to show that even a golden boy with a stellar record is still human. I don't think the game portrays Cole as a shithead, just morally ambiguous and more complex than his superiors and the player think.

      • No, absolutely - that's a great character to create - so I ask Rockstar to create that character!

        There was no buildup or hinting or anything. It was literally "Cole has an affair, some weeks later, we pick up back at the station" it was just so disjointed and out-of-character for him and for it to all happen off-screen cheapened it.

        I don't know, it has probably been like 5 years since I last played it, so maybe I'll jump back in and see if I think differently about it now.

  • Thanks heaps, finished it once before, was alright, but good price I think considering new and on Switch, was thinking of checking it out again.

  • Thanks OP. I always just skim thru EB sales with no interest. But this one is not bad.

    How's the performance tho on switch? Or better to go with PC/PS4?

    I'm way too pre occupied with RDR2 do my only chance to play is on the go with the switch.

  • Awesome deal if you haven't played this masterpiece before!

  • Bought the last used one at broadway. Thanks op!

  • Bought one, thanks op :)))

  • See what Amazon will do.

  • +2

    One of a few games orignally developed in Australia; fun fact jast saying; wanted to support fellow aussies in this industry

    • +4

      The Aussie studio got shut down straight after the release of this game so you are just supporting Rockstar

      • how sad would it be…

      • Yep. The team was well overworked and understaffed.

        I was about to apply for a position as a 3D artist but just kept my eye on the development of the game as I was working elsewhere. Lucky I didn't… Heard some hellish things about the place.

    • +1

      Place was toxic as (profanity) and Rockstar tried and failed to save the place.

      Wanna support Aussies? Go buy Paw Patrol's new game, made by Torus in Bayswater, Vic.

      Better yet, buy it for me because I wanna play with my 2 year old who loves the show but I can't justify 60 bucks on it. Support an Aussie studio, and an Aussie kid.

      • I didn’t know that. I thought Rockstar were just pricks and shut down the studio after releasing a decent game. Now I know

        • +1

          Look, Rockstar do a bunch of shady shit too.

          But AFAIK (and I'm open to being proven wrong, this is all I've been able to easily find though, please feel free to do your own research if you want), based on the word of MANY former employees and their partners, that studio was in a CONSTANT state of crunch and the guy running it (forgot his name) was an absolute arsehole to work for, constantly berating and yelling at people, yadayadayada.

          From what I know. Rockstar were very impressed with how the game was many moons ago, which is why they invested so heavily in it. The studio kept missing deadlines and draining money from Rockstar. At one point, they were looking to making them into Rockstar Australia or Rockstar Sydney or whatever and straight buying them out but that didn't pan out either.

          From what I can gather. The place was an absolute (profanity), everyone agrees on that no matter where they stand on Rockstar's involvement. But beyond that, my opinion, based on what information and interviews and shit I can find, is that Rockstar saw potential, invested, wanted to bring the studio under it's umbrella and everything, until the studio kept cocking up so bad Rockstar eventually just had to go "look, here's the date, you (profanity) get it done, we have spent too damn much on your incompetence".

        • It was being funded by Sony initially due to Brendan McNamara's ties with Sony, if I'm not mistaken, but that soon got cut and Rockstar picked up the publishing later on. They injected some more money to get it finished.

  • +1

    I heard the physical copy still requires a 14GB download in order to play.

    • Yes, this is true, so you'll need an SD Card.

  • “You left wing leaning parasite. You expect me to sit here and listen to your drivel”

  • +1

    Most of the Switch games on sale are saying Sold Out in stores. Hard to believe.

    • Yep, all of a sudden, no stock anywhere lol

  • +1

    I had a $10 coupon on eBay and it's listed as $23 for Pre-owned, grabbed it local pick up for $13!
    … probably be a few years/decades before I play it with the backlog I have :(

  • +1

    Postage is only $4.99 on eBay (as opposed to $9.06 on EB Games), and you can use cashback. Brand new - Preowned.

  • Awesome find OP, been keeping an eye out for this one. Many thanks.

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