Need a new ADSL2/FTTN Modem/Router

My 5 year old BiPac 7800NXL is starting to misbehave, so I need a new router/modem.

Have checked over the site but cant seem to find much on offer.

Wondering if someone can help find me a good one that isnt too expensive (preferably <$300)?

Currently on ADSL2 but will get connected to NBN (fttn) early next year, so a modem with both options would be preferred.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.


  • I'd highly recommend the TP-Link VR900. I had the TP-Link Archer D9 for a couple years back when I was on ADSL2. It never missed a beat. Early this year when I knew I'd be making the switch to NBN (FTTN) I decided to go with another TP-Link and settled on the VR900 after reading a lot of reviews. I've been using it for about 8 months now and have never had a single issue with it. It has a 3 year warranty as well which is nice.

    It goes for around $220 online at various pc shops (shipping not incl.), but I had a quick look on ebay and you can grab it for $198.55 with free shipping (using current 5% off promo code, which you have to be logged in to see) -

    • How does the VR600V compare to the VR900?

      Just saw TP-Link have a cashback / $60 gift card deal on the VR600v, which will make it about $100 when combined with the current eBay deal:

      • +1

        As far as I know the main differences -

        -VR600v has VOIP built in, VR900 doesn't. (Wasn't an issue for me personally as I had already been using a dedicated VOIP phone (Gigaset) prior to buying the VR900)

        -The VR900 has faster wifi on the 2.4GHz band - 600Mbps, vs 300Mbps on the VR600V

        -VR900 has 2 USB ports and they are both USB 3.0, the VR600V has 1 USB port and it's USB 2.0

        -3G/4G USB dongles can be used with the VR900, the VR600V doesn't have this feature

        I think there are at least a couple differences software-wise as well. The VR900 has pretty good QOS options. This isn't mentioned in the specs for the VR600V so I'm assuming it isn't as advanced in the VR600V. There may be some other differences software-wise but I'm not 100% sure about that.

        • Thanks mate ;)

    • Is every modem compatible with FTTN also compatible with FTTC?

  • I have used this one on both ADSL2 & FTTN. Pretty solid device.

  • The Asus range are pretty good.

    • Asus ones suck for fttn, I lost 13mbps through the modem

  • Thanks for the advice guys!

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