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Risk: Star Wars Edition Board Game - $19.00 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ Mr Toys Toyworld


A long time ago (6 hours), in a galaxy far, far away (Victoria), a deal was posted by the evil Sith Lord (Spitzpup) to taunt the people of Queensland with an unobtainable bargain for the board game, 7 Wonders. I received a holographic message from a princess at the Springwood store informing me that not only was there no stock, but that the price would remain firm at $45 even if they did have it. After finishing my 9th tub of ice cream (it's 8000 Kelvin in Brisbane today) I decided that rather than wallow in disappointment and misery, I'd get on my i30 CRDi speeder and go to Mr Toys to see what other goodies might be had.

I present! Risk: Star Wars Edition Board Game for a measly 19 Imperial Credits!! (currently trading at 1:1 AUD) Pick up in store at this price or pay extra for shipping.

It differs of course not only in theme, but also in gameplay from the original Risk. You get to determine the fate of the Star Wars universe as you play your way across the TIE-fighter-shaped game board. Players experience three simultaneous battles: an attack on the Death Star (it's no moon), a shield assault, and an epic battle between Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker.

Read some reviews, it gets a solid 7.2 on BoardGameGeek

Plenty in stock at Springwood (QLD), and represents a good saving compared to other stores (most around $40-$70, except Sanity at $20 but had no stock at my local) May the force be with you!!

Oh, and don't forget 3.5% off through CashRewards (like I did)

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    great price. great game.

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    Great post!

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    Great description, you sold me on it.

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    I bought this for my son two years ago and we still haven't played it. It seems overly complicated. Maybe I should look for a video on it.

    • Is pretty basic to be honest… only issue I have had is with unclear rules that don't seem to be explained .. otherwise my 9 and 12 year old play it easily..

      • Yes, I had trouble understanding the rules as well. I'm normally fine with this kind of thing, I thought it was just me.

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    Pretty good deals on other star wars stuff as well for the nerds (eg. star wars trivial pursuit for $19.99).

    • If it is the DVD trivial pursuit that is pretty good. We have played that for many years … I even won … once! 😊

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    Hi friend / sibling, good post

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    Giving an upvote just for the great description!

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    Looking at videos for this, it isn't a standard Risk game. There was an older set called something like Star Wars Risk Originally Trilogy Edition from years ago that was more like a standard game. But this is the battle for Death Star, it's a budget game in the US, normal price is like $25US. So this is still a decent price.

    EDIT: Didn't see that this doesn't include shipping, which is $9.90. This isn't such a great deal after all. I mean Sanity has it for less https://www.sanity.com.au/products/2396193/Star_Wars_Game_Ma... so I bought Star Wars Monopoly and Star Wars Risk from Sanity as xmas gifts, 50.93 delivered. The monopoly has good reviews on US Amazon.

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      Neg my post without reading you must not ;-)

      It differs of course not only in theme, but also in gameplay from the original Risk

      Admittedly not the ideal name for the game, but it's a great strategy game nonetheless.

      represents a good saving compared to other stores (most around $40-$70, except Sanity at $20 but had no stock at my local)

      I have instant gratification issues, so delivery wasn't going to work for me.

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        It’ll make a good gift, I ordered one from Sanity.

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          do you realise when u neg someone you make a close resemblance to the Austrian flag!!

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      Good, good. Let the hate flow through you.

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        Haha πŸ˜‚

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        Take your Neg, strike me down with all of your hatred and your journey towards paying full price will be complete

        • Impressive!

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    nice description but doesn't a small part of you wished you had joined the dark side? =P

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      Actually it looks like one side does play as the empire, and they win by defending the Death Star and killing the rebels. playimg as the empire is harder than playing as the rebels, some reviews say.

      • Thank you for the heads up. I need all the help I can get playing STAR WARS games.

    • You were the Chosen One Spitzpup! It was said you would bring 7 Wonders to QLD, not leave it in darkness!

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    pew pew pew

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      shots fired

      • At least not "poo poo" as in the case of "poodoo" (choice offerings from Tatooine eopies).

        So educational this site is.

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          HOW WUDE

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            @buckster: Mind that tongue Jar Jar. Young Binks have tongues liable to tangle. 😜

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    Thank you for posting; nice share that!

    Ordered through Sanity (as in Vic):
    $19.90 + $5.95 post = $25.94
    2.8% cashback (0.56c)

    Mr Toys ToyWorld was:
    $19.00 + $9.90 post = $28.90
    3.5% cashback (0.67c)

    The force is strong in you young padawan.

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    Pity it doesn’t give you the option to wipe out the Lucasfilm writing team and Crazy Kray Kray.

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    Haha great description……. good price too

  • legitimate question: does playing these board games require lots of imagination? ive never been a board game person, and just by looking at the boards pictures, i cant see how it could be fun. the closest experience i have to these types of board games is watching the kids in stranger things play dungeons and dragons, however that looks like it requires like minded people to play with.

    • +3

      This game does not require much immagination, but different people find different things fun. Personally, I love board games and have since I can remember. Being 1 of 5 kids in the 80's, I always had someone to play with though, as nobody had a smartphone and we rarely got to watch TV πŸ˜‰
      For me a good board game drives fun interaction among the players, and involves a combination of strategy, balancing resources, and luck. IMO this game does just that.

    • This game is pretty simplistic and does not require any imagination as it is based roughly on the final scenes of Return of the Jedi.. if you are familiar with Star Wars and that movie in particular, the rest is simply, move this token here, roll some dice to see what happens, rinse and repeat.. the tactics come in that the board is split into 3 areas so if you focus on one area, you might loose our in another.. if you are a star wars fan, but not normally into board games, I think you will still enjoy this…

      • i watched a youtube video which shed more light on it. how long does an average game take? it does seem interesting, however i dont see many in my circle of friends as being board game people.

        i do remember having one board game when i was a kid, and you played it with a vhs tape. some creepy looking undertaker guy would yell at you lol

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    I saw a Walking Dead Risk game @ a Toy shop in Charlestown for $24.95? on Saturday. Caseys Toys?

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