Where Can I Buy Used Technical Books? Linux, Programming

Hi guys,
I went to few book shops but none of them sell technical books like learning java or linux kernel. I am looking to buy hardcore technical books specially on Linux/Unix, linux performance optimization etc but can’t afford to buy new. Does anyone know any place in Melbourne that sells such books in used condition?



    Have you tried some of the bigger op shops, or maybe tried the library? If you have a library card you can, probably search online.


    Maybe try Melb uni co-op?

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    Might be worth looking online for second hand text books, I know many unis I've been to have uni libraries and Co-op shops that sell second hand books (or unwanted ones), sometimes super cheap, I got an electrical engineering and a java dev one for like a dollar. But unfortunately it only happens occasionally throughout the year.

    Some Op shops I've also found some technical books as well, especially if you can go to any near uni campuses.


    A lot the information you want will be available online. What specifically are you trying to do?

    I’d try Facebook /gumtree , some Unis have buy/sell pages.


    Keep an eye on humble bundle, they sell collections of ebooks often. I have a collection of Java books on google drive, if you're interested in them send me a message.

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