100% Cotton Sheets that don't cost an arm and a leg?

Hi guys, some Sheridan sheets I bought less than 2 years ago have just ripped through. I'm chasing some good quality 100% cotton sheets or maybe bamboo (never tried but some people recommend?).

Double sizes mattress, open to any suggestions.




    Bamboo ones are pretty good and soft. I’d look at the options at a DFO, if you have a close one. They usually have Adair’s, Sheridan and pure zone shops in the same place. Often at discount prices.


      No DFO here, but there is a Sheridan Outlet near by. Not super keen based on how the other ones lasted, but may go check it out.


        Look for a high thread count, they are closer weave so tend to be more robust. You also might want to adjust how you wash them to a lower spin rate. Spotlight can also have a decent price on high thread count sheets; join their VIP program.

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      This - I bought some 1000TC (yeah, I know it isn't real) on sale that were fantastic - got about 4 years use out of them and they were the best feel of any sheet I have used.

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    Op shop
    And If you are near a city, you can perhaps go through a few op shops in same area. You can hunt down some great bargains there, as everything is usually generically priced. ie. The best brand and the worst brand will often be priced the same.
    It's also great because your helping charity that the op shop $$ go to.

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    K-Mart's 500TC (or was it 1000TC) is not bad. Not exactly as nice as Sheridan's but for less than half the price (e.g. $50-ish for king vs $150 sheridan), it's good enough for me.


    Aaaand Sheridan get my money again. 70% off at the outlet with a further 25% off (the discount price, not original) for VIP members. So another set of 250TC Everyday sheets for $51.74.

    I'd post it as a deal but C&C on their website is not currently working so I had to call and reserve them.

    Thanks all

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