Requesting eBay Bid to Be Cancelled Due to Child Bidding

Three times in the last fornight I have had an ebay purchaser request their bid to be cancelled due to their son/daughter playing with their phone.

Has anyone else come accross this?

The latest was a son bidding on a couple of separate skirts.

Should I let them cancel their bid? Or should I enforce the contract with their child?

Please help me solve this dilema with my handy poll below.

Poll Options

  • 45
    Cancel bid
  • 2
    Enforce contract with son/daughter
  • 25
    Explain that my son created the listing by mistake also


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    Happens to me as well. Just cancel their bids. If they won the bidding and you cancel then they will just get a warning from eBay.

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    Check the users feedback and see if there are any negative feedback regarding the same situation. Three in a fortnight is crazy.

    Just to let you know. I was holding my son while my phone was unlocked on the couch, I put him on the floor and go back to reading your post and he voted for "cancel bid". He's only 1 lol.

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    just cancel the bid, the seller will leave you negative feedback anyway if you enforced the sale or make up some crap and do a chargeback


    Happened to me on a 7 day listing for an event a day after auction ended. Sold it to the next bidder but at reduced amount since they knew I was desperate

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    Just cancel. You know, and they know you know, that they're lying, but there's no way you can actually successfully try to enforce this.

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    sounds like some drunk ebaying to me

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    These things happen. My sisters 3 year old managed to bid on a car and be the highest bidder playing with her partners phone - gave them a panic attack when they found out and had to go through the process. I think the app developers should add an extra bit of requiring to place a password/fingerprint/etc to place a bid at the start of a session - reduce accidental bidding.

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      I think the app developers should

      I think parents should parent better.

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        I don't disagree.

        But I think users should secure better.

        Is it so hard to lock your device before putting it down?

        Even my cat changes channels on the TV. She seems to be fond of Parliament Question Time.


          But I think users should secure better.

          Yeah this too - with or without kids.

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          thats why i don't understand how with touchscreen phones, you can "butt dial" someone. The screen doesn't even work when you're wearing gloves, how the hell do you sit on your phone and accidentally press buttons?! there's no way it happens


            @supasaiyan: Not sure myself, but phone's screens work weird af with clothes.

            What concerns me is that thwt means they don't have passwords…who doesn't have a password?!

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            @supasaiyan: That's just women being insecure and manipulative. Eg.

            *Stacey stalks your profiles for a week but doesn't want to make the first move*

            *1 missed call from Stacey*

            You text Stacey:
            Hey Stacey, sorry I missed your call. What's up?

            heyy! sry i butt dialed u loll. how r u anyways.


      Ah but of course, inconvenience the rest of the user base because of lazy parents.


      IMO that'd be awesome as an option, definitely shouldn't be mandatory though (that'd be a pain)

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    Just cancel it, if they win the auction they won't pay anyway, then it's just a hassle and extra work for you to open claims and relist etc.

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    Why people let their kids to play with their phones ? Idiots !


    Might be people with regret, but honestly better to cancel then to screw over the people actually having their kids place bids.


    Does ebay charge you if you let them cancel? Can you put it back up there without incurring costs? I don't ebay much but if it doesn't cost you then I would just let them cancel and try again. I would also inform ebay that these people are doing this - if there are enough complaints against these people then ebay may stop them being able to use it. I also agree that people need to keep better control of their kids, they are obviously just doing it to be obnoxious.