Free to Air TV Channel Icons Available for Logitech Harmony 650/700, Elite/Touch/Ultimate Remote Controls & Harmony App

ABC 2 was rebranded as ABC Kids & ABC Comedy a while ago. News Corp and Nine Entertainment Co has a new your money channel. Network Ten rebranded its logos after CBS's takeover. SBS's licensing agreement with food network will terminate soon and Seven Network will take it over.

I asked square eyes to update its collection of icons but got no response. I found a set of scalable vector graphics logos for Sydney's Free to Air TV Channels on Logopedia and converted them through GIMP for Logitech Harmony 650/700, Elite/Touch/Ultimate remote controls & Harmony App. The icon background for 650/700 is inspired from square eyes' design, while the icon background for Elite/Touch/Ultimate & Harmony App is transparent.

I have omitted the icons for TV Shopping Network and channels as they are against the spirit of OzBargain (i.e. money wasted unnecessarily). I have made stacked versions of selected logos for a better fit.

Due to a lack of Fair Use Provisions in Australia's Copyright and Trademark Acts, I will not share the icons in this post. Please tell me which icon set you want through the private messaging system only — I will ignore requests made through comments. Your unauthorised use of these icons will infringe on the rights of the respective copyright and trademark owners and you will be liable to legal actions.



    i.e. money wasted unnecessarily

    Half the comments I see are "why am I buying this?" or "I didn't need this" or "Bought it, what does it do?" :P

    Also advertising causes unnecessary spending to occur without the mark's recognition that their behavior has been altered.


    How do I get the Australian free to air icons for the Harmony Elite? Has Squareeyes closed? Thanks


      Square Eyes has not been updating its icons for several years. Send me a private message and I will send you the links to my updated icons. You do not have private messaging enabled and I will not publish these links on an open forum.

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