Qantas Booking-Emirates Service Free Limo 1st Class Bkk-Syd

I have booked a Qantas 1st Class redemption codeshare on Emirates service. From Bangkok.
Normally if booked direct with Emirates it would qualify for Free Limo transfer at each end for 1st or Business Class.
However I assumed that I would not qualify for this free transfer as booked with Qantas.
But when I went to Emirates Web 'manage booking' I was able to book Limo transfers. I was pleasantly surprised.
Analysing it, maybe it is because EK flight is a sector of Dubai - Bkk - Syd. Qantas web site is not easy to understand.
"Our transfers are complimentary for customers travelling in International First and Business on flights between Australia and London."
"Qantas codeshare customers travelling on an Emirates operated service to and from Dubai (flight numbered QF8000 to QF8999, excluding flights between Australia and Asia) are also eligible for Chauffeur Drive at destinations where Emirates offer the service. View destinations where Chauffeur Drive is available on the Emirates network." (Then links to )

The flight number shows as 'EK418' in spite of it being a Qantas booking. I thought that it would show EK418 with a Qantas prefix.

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    I got this both ways with a 1st lclass ticket booked on QFF points. Syd-Dubai-Munich and a car to and from both ends.


    You are booked on Emirates (EK) but ticketed on Qantas (QF) / 081 paper. QF reduced their costs some time back by limiting the Chauffeur Drive to long haul destinations when flying on their metal, as you've picked up on in the T&C. EK will provide the service on most routes but only if ticketed on EK or QF (tough luck to anyone redeeming on Alaskan). The specific breakdown of what is offered on which routes is at:


    This is standard Peck. You should also see a link to the limo under manage booking on your QF account.

    I've actually stopped doing it for BKK as the minimum pick up time is 3 hours before the flight whereas I like to stay as long as possible and just train it in for 35bt.

    EK lounge there is ok lah. The SQ lounge is so much better.


      Ok, thanks, I just looked now & found the limo on Qantas. I assumed that Qantas did not provide a limo Bkk-Syd.
      Yep SQ lounge is sensational. Especially the margaritas. However I found that the food in EK lounge is better.


      Interesting. Thanks for the heads-up. Close on the heels of Emirates dropping A380 back to 777 for Bkk-Syd.
      Although Sing. Air going up from 58,000 to 62,000 points Bkk-Syd. (A380 2nd leg) their fees & taxes of $60 is so much better than QF/EK. $400 +60,000 points.

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