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If I search for 'elite pro tac', this deal does not show in the search results.

However, if I click on the Related Products link on the right (or the dropdown when searching), the deal shows in the list.

Why is that?



    Just tried, does for me

  • elite pro tactical and elite pro tac both show the deal as first result. Do you have any options set on your search?


    I see why.

    The deal was updated just now:


    Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tactical Audio Controller $99 (Was $250) @ JB Hi-Fi (In-Store Only)


    Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tactical Audio Controller (TAC) $99 (Was $249) at JB Hi-Fi (in-Store Only)

    There was no word "tac" in the deal which is probably why it didn't pick it up.

    As for products, that's something we manually create and attach to deals.


      Thanks neil. Even after the word 'tac' was added, it still didn't work for me, however clearing the cookies and cache worked.


    Clear your Cache and Cookies.
    For Edge, Firefox and Chrome hold down: Ctrl + Shift + Delete
    A window will appear. You want to click clear data. (Choose the options accordingly.)
    After that, reboot the browser and it should work.

    I can search the item just fine.

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