Suggest A Phone with Stock Android under $500

I'm looking for a stock android (ie Nokia) phone made in 2018. NFC and B28 are a must, headphone jack preferred. Local stock (ie HN, JB, OW, etc) strongly preferred as I am currently out of a phone. Android One preferred for security reasons. I like large screens (current phone is Nexus 6P but that is boot looping).

I run basic apps: YouTube, Reddit, Chrome, etc. No games.

Cheaper the better.


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    Xiaomi Mi A1 / A2 @ Kogan


    Lg v20 or v30, great phone with DAC for high quality audio through the jack. Dunno about local stock though

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    Nokia 6.1 $329 (RRP $399) @ Harvery Norman and Officeworks.

    Although above $500, you might want to consider:
    Nokia 7 plus $599 (RRP $649) @ JB Hi-Fi or price-beat at Officeworks.

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      The 6.1 looks super promising. I might go for the 7 plus on eglobal, but it's not local stock. The JB one seems like a good alternative, though (it is also $100 more expensive, but I also don't have to wait a week, will have to think about that)

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        Would be careful about some non-local stock phones as wil7272 was unlocking the chinese version and then loading the english language onto it and then relocking the bootloader. Upon tampering it no longer receives updates. (Found this out from a Whirlpool complaint)


      Highly recommended, clean roms without any tampering into the future.

      Android One just means it conforms to certain standards, but there is quite a lot of flexibility.

      One of the conditions is that it must include Google Ready Software. That's about it, the rest is open to the manufacturer to add as they please.

      Xiaomi doesn't conform to the generally accepted standards. So be aware that they can also add additional apps afterwards. Most people would think Android One is a stock android experience with nothing else, that's further from the truth.

      The Xiaomi Mi A1 comes with three Xiaomi apps - its camera app, Mi Store shopping portal, and Mi Remote app. These additions fail to deliver on one promise that Android One was originally marketed with - pure Android experience.


      dual sims for 7 plus? it seems single sims

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    might be able to get a Pixel 2 second hand

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      Didn't consider that, thanks supasaiyan :)


        Alternatively, the OnePlus 6 should be getting close, while the OnePlus 5t should absolutely be under $500.

        Not sure on bands though.

        They aren't technically stock, but tmk they are really close.

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    Nokia 7 plus. I price matched it today at Officeworks for $393.30

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