Anyone with experience using weighted blankets?

Have been reading about them and am interested. Wondering if anyone has had experience using them / any recommended shops?


  • I use the newer and longer Neptune blanket. It's very snuggly but different to being hugged as they like to spin it around. When you're awake the weight definitely stops you from moving but at night I still manage to roll out of it.

    Best to take it out of the cover as summer nears as it can get very hot. Good for a night snuggle with yourself or another too.

    • Cheers, appreciate the insight. In that case, I'm guessing I should stick to the recommended .kg rather than just the heaviest?

      • Definitely get the one suitable for your weight range. I'm using the 9kg one and I wouldn't want anything heavier.

  • Why would one use a weighted blanket?

  • Wow, I didn't know this was a thing!

    May I share that a frequent gift to new parents that I've experienced was a home made blanket made of some soft material then filled with a dry grain, e.g. rice then sewn shut. It was supposed to help comfort the newborn like a snuggle. I thought it was terrific.

  • I tend to go the other way, I have a great Doona and I love how light it is. I had blankets all through childhood and won’t go back.i wonder if we’ll tucked in blankets had the same effect.