Licence Type When Booking a Car with Lotte (South Korea)

I have an open driver licence and I am in the process of booking a car with Lotte when I need to fill in the licence type, which is A, B, C, D, or E. I will get my International Driving Permit from RACQ and I don't know what that will translate to.

Has anyone booked a car with Lotte when traveling to South Korea and what's the licence type you chose? Thank you.



    I have a heavy rigid /motorcycle license, so it covers more than the international permit anyway, so I got all catagories.

    Just get BCDE.

    A is for Motorcycles. So, unless you have a riders license, you won’t get that anyway.

    B is passenger vehicles less than 8 seats up to 3.5T

    I think C is for goods carrying. So, unless you’re doing courier work, you probably won’t need it, But tick it anyway.

    D is passenger vehicles over 8 seats, like small/medium minivans. Think from memory it’s still under 3.5T, so no buses.

    E is something else about trailers, I think? Meh, just tick it.

    As for Lotte’s rentals site, just pick the group that best suits what category of vehicle you are wanting to rent fits into…


      The thing is I can only select 1. It is a single drop down list. Probably I will select B then … because that's the car I am going to rent (Hyundai Sonata).

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    Trust me. Coming from Australia (and how we drive here), if you value your sanity, you do not want to even attempt to drive in South Korea.
    I've tried it a few times (Seoul, Gwangju and Jeju), and each time I've been a nervous wreck afterwards.


      This +1


      This is due to they are on the opposite side or the way south korean drive? I rent a car only in Jeju … so probably not that bad? Thanks for the feedback though.


        Them driving on the opposite side of the road was barely even a factor, I've driven in the US.
        It's more about "HOW" they drive.

        In Jeju you just have less of the insanity (~1/2 million insane drivers compared to ~15 million insane drivers in Seoul).
        And in Jeju the speed limit changes "VERY" frequently (I cannot emphasise that enough); and there are speed cameras everywhere.
        Some petrol stations only sell Unleaded, and others only sell Gas - none sell both; and you are likely to discover that the one you need will be on the other side of the road, with no obvious way to get to it.

        Don't get me wrong, I love Korea; there is just no way in hell I will ever drive there again.


          I've driven in both Jeju and the US too. I quite enjoyed driving in the US… not so much in Jeju.


          Thank you for the feedback. I am reconsidering my options. Is there any car rental that rent the car plus driver? Thanks.

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